The Aftermath

What a morning...It was a very rainy and stormy morning. Both literally and figuratively
First, The Younger is doing incredibly well. Thanks to everyone who said a prayer and/or sent positive power our way.
"Don't worry, we will take very good care of him."

I promised that I wouldn't cry but when I saw them taking him away with his arms outstretched to me and I couldn't go get him and hold him and tell him it will be ok, I lost it. Mr. Roboto even comforted me. How sweet of him to put on his NT hat for me this morning.
Well, the alarm went off at 4:45 and we both pushed snooze on both of our phones for 15 minutes. Finally we got up and got dressed and got The Younger up. We found an emergency 7th Generation diaper in one of the cars so we used that and fortunatly there was no poop involved in the whole ordeal. Put him back in PJs (it too early to remember sock, shoes, or a coat though...bless his heart) and got into the car.

"We are going to get you finger fixed today! Yay! And you'll come home with a bionic arm!"

That was the first he had heard of it. He is an anxious little boy and I feared that we wouldn't have been able to get him out of the house it had know sooner than this morning. I struggled and struggled with that. Was it fair to not give him a fair warning?

6:15am is early enough that there wasn't a waiting room full of people which was good for his anxiety. He would not let them put the hospital bracelet on his arm. I should have taken a picture of the one they put on me when he was trying to pull it off of me. He is so strong that he stretched and distorted the bracelet!

As soon as the PJs came off, all hell broke loose. We had to hold him down to get the gown on him and he kept taking it off. The Hub even had the smarts to use a carabeaner to hook the sleeves in the back so he couldn't take it off. I actually distracted him a little while with some foam hand sanitizer. Of course that would float his OCD boat.

Finally around 7:15 they gave him some "Happy Juice" in a syringe and about 10 minutes later we got this drunk little guy...

before the bionic arm

after his SECOND bionic arm...

Yep, you read that right. What happened between these 2 pictures was a lot of screaming, a lot of thrashing, a lot of confusion, and a second round of watching them take my baby away. When I saw him for the first time, he had a very cool, blue-tape-wrapped splint on his arm, but I didn't attempt to get a picture of it on account of the screaming and thrashing. He also still had his IV in his left hand and it was taped up with the same blue tape. Could you imagine waking up with no hands??? Bless his heart, he was terrified. He almost tore his IV out of his hand, there was blood backed up into the tubing for about 5 inches. I thought that might be normal until I saw the concern in the nurse's face. They needed him to drink something before they could take the IV out. Idiot nurse brought a very angry and scared TWO year old an open styrofoam cup filled to the brim of apple juice and ice. I just looked at her and said, "he will throw that" in the nicest what-were-you-thinking tone of voice I could muster. Fortunately I have a very smart Hub who brought the diaper bag with a juice box in it. Gotta love that Aspergian routine trait. I squeezed a couple of sips into his screaming mouth so that they could take the IV out. He was so mad.

Once the IV was out, he started on the splint. I was actually surprised that they only put a splint on him considering they told us he would have a full arm cast and we expressed concern about his "picking" tic he has. By the time I went to go sign release forms and ask the nurse if Dr C was still there because I was afraid that he would take the splint off and came back, The Younger had already moved it off about half an inch. So I signed another form to give them permission to gas him again to put on the full plaster weapon of a cast. Dr C said that The Younger had more determination that the "average bear." We are thinking determination and strength too!

We went back to the waiting room. I was happy with our decision to get the cast. I was not happy that they didn't do that to begin with and they had to put him under twice in one morning.

Here's a visual of how intense the thrashing was...

Around 11am when we left the hospital... he's saying, "Where'd the rain go?"

I have more pictures of what happened the rest of today, but I'll have to leave you in suspense for now. We are off to drug him and snuggle down for a little Ratatouille.

Thanks again for everyone's concern.

8 Responses to "The Aftermath"

Niksmom (visit their site)

Oh, poor little guy! (And poor you, too!) I'm glad they finally put the cast on...I always get annoyed when docs don't listen to calm, rational parents and believe us when we tell them about how our kids are going to remove splints and pull IV's and stuff! Hope he's feeling better tomorrow...and doesn't clock anyone w/that weapon!

BTW, I keep meaning to ask...what's with thepoints on the side of the page??

kristenspina (visit their site)

Oh, poor guy!! Poor you!! You must be exhausted...

Sleep well tonight! (I hope!!)

tulipmom (visit their site)

I was thinking about you guys today. You must be so glad the surgery is over. I can't believe they had to put him under twice. Hope you all get a good night's sleep.

Susan (visit their site)

Oh that poor baby! It looks to me, though, that two very resourceful parents made it the most pleasant experience possible. Good job!

Jen P (visit their site)

Thanks everyone. He's doing very well as you will see in my next post.

niksmom, just a silly thing. When I speak, I often give 10 points to people in the audience who participate. I've randomly asked questions in my blog and awarded points to my readers. Then I gave points to the people who gave me awards which is why the list all of a sudden exploded. I have a book to give away so if I don't think of a contest soon, I might do something with the points. I need to go back through my comments from the past month because I know I have left some people out (you included, sorry). The contest was The Hub's idea because he always has stuff to give away because he is a Coke Rewards Maniac. In talks though, I never gave anything away, I just waved at them from the stage with ten fingers! Ha!

Angela (visit their site)

Poor guy... I'm glad that experience is over for you. (Until he gets it off?) By the pretty are YOU??? You looked wonderful especially given the circumstances! (I would not have faired so well!)

Jen P (visit their site)

Angela, they are threatening to saw it off. Argh! Um hello, he has sensory processing disorder! Do you really want to do that? "Maybe we can just cut it off with scissors" Yeah, I vote for that.

And thank you for your sweet comment. I felt really gross as I hadn't showered that morning and really only had time to put on what I had worn the day before. Yuck, I know...Oh the adventures of being a mom, huh?

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

So glad you made it through the ordeal... the poor little darling, and to have to go through so much!

And you and the Hub look so calm!!