Always something new... the Knoxville Zoo. Went to the zoo with some ladies from my church/mom's group. I really had a blast. I even did it sans The AP. I really felt like a grown up! I know I know, I should be ashamed at how spoilt I am. But it was nice to remember what it was like to be a full-time mom again. Of course I was ready to crash when I got home. Much of it was a gluten hangover from date night on Monday. We ate at a seafood restaurant and I really wanted oysters. I mean we don't go to fancy restaurants that often. So I indulged and got fried seafood. Yikes!

Anyhoo, I digress. I have a great video of The Younger at the zoo. I had to take a video of this because the pictures weren't capturing the routine of it all. I think The Elder had moved on to bigger and better things at this point but The Younger couldn't break the habit. If you play this video about 5 times in a row, you'll get an idea of how it actually went today!

Here are the rest of the pictures from today:

A word about the group picture. I saw the log with some other kids on it and looked at one mom saying, "Would it be too much to ask all the kids to get together for a picture." Another mom said, "You are dreaming....oh! Half are there already...EVERYBODY GET ON THE LOG!"

I tell The Elder/Younger, "Climb on the log so we can get a picture of you and your friends."
"My friends?" he said with slight confusion. I'm thinking, well, ok, they are MY friends' kids, but they are his friends from church...geez I sure hope he plays with them at church and not just with his brother or by himself!

The 5 pictures before the one in the slideshow were of moms plopping their kids on the log. There were 3 of us shooting pictures the whole time in the hopes that one of them would turn out. It was fun.

I have the boys trained well...I brought the jogger stroller and was the only mom who brought one except one who had the little 2 year old in the picture. After each exhibit The Kiddos would jump on the stroller (with one arm hooked in the seatbelt to be safe) and we'd be off while the other moms were trying to herd the rest of them. OR we could enjoy an exhibit longer...I couldn't believe how fast I got them out of the frog exhibit. No warning, I just said,

"Get in the stroller, time to go."
They are looking alittle dazed and confused at the whirlwind transition.
"The people are leaving so we have to go."
They understood that.

When we came out, the waiting moms' kids were all over a little zoo vendor hut with fun-in-small-doses toys that they sucker you into buying and then never get played with again. I turned the stroller away from the hut so The Kiddos couldn't see it and want to get out just for me to strap them back in to the next exhibit. All of a sudden, The Elder exclaims:

"Mommy!! The people are leaving us! Let's go!!!"
He was referring to a different group of moms and kids who were about 20-30 feet ahead of us. "Oh, those aren't our people!"
"Those are other people's people!" says one of our people's moms.

It was so cute but it got me thinking...he's sees these kids twice a week...he really doesn't know who they are, does he?? Hmmm, I might have to start volunteering for Sunday School to get him to socialize!! But I know that would actually be counterproductive. He behaves so much better for other adults!

4 Responses to "Always something new..."

Pete (visit their site)

Looks like they had a great time and no "stinking cast" is going to slow The Younger down. Kids are so adaptable and I can see why Mom would be worn out.

Marla (visit their site)

Wow! Amazing how well kids keep on moving! A great day. It looks like so much fun.

Holding It Together (visit their site)

The zoo sounds great - I am so glad the weather is starting to get a little better so we can get out more.

Maybe individual playdates would help him get more comfortable interacting with the other kids. My son spent the first half of the year at preschool telling me, "They learned about the letter S today." I was never sure if he said "They" because he didn't see himself as part of the group or because he already knew about the letter S. :)

Angela (visit their site)

Looks like so much fun!!!!!! We will be zoo bound in a month or two, we need to go to TX to visit first. :)