In the waiting room at the orthopedic office. See the remnants of snot and blood on his cast. Nice.

Getting the cast sawed off. The Hub volunteered to hold him since when he got his stitches, 2 grown men had to hold The Younger down and it was still a battle. Fortunately The Younger was very cooperative and I think that he actually enjoyed the vibration of the saw because he was smiling.

The Family of straighten thumbs. The Elder missed out on this opportunity. He chose to stay home with The AP. I think the noise of the saw would have sent him through the roof!

This is how he thanks me! His highlights are still prettier than mine. You can't even tell I have any in pictures!

He actually missed his cast a lot. He requested to get one put on his left arm! It took him a while to use his right arm. He still held it crooked and to his side and ate with his left hand! He started using yesterday really well at Sprout...another post that I'm excited about sharing...

7 Responses to "Freedom"

Niksmom (visit their site)

Two (stright!) thumbs up! Glad he did so well with the removal; Nik would have freaked for sure.

Anonymous (visit their site)

Yea. What a brave boy!

tulipmom (visit their site)

Hooray! Glad to hear the cast is off. Brave is right .... SB would have been scared to death.

Happy Easter!

Susan (visit their site)

Awwwwww! I love the kissy photos. How sweet!

I'm so glad it went well. I hope he got a big treat for being so good. :)

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

The kissing photo is the best! I am happy to hear the cast is off!

Marla (visit their site)

Wow! It seems like just yesterday he had the surgery. Probably not to you guys though. I am so glad it is off! Wahoo!

Kevin (visit their site)

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