Happy Patty's Day

I think The Hub has some Irish in him. If not biologically, perhaps legally? Maybe a certain Father-in-law could post a comment and verify that. I obviously have no Irish in me. But I do consider myself Green as in the 3 R's and I am also excited about the upcoming Earth Hour that is fast approaching. I'm excited about it being Earth Hour. I'm not excited about it being my birthday. I realized that this year was the first year that I didn't celebrate my birth-month. I'm usually all over it starting March 1. Hmmm. It's not like I'm old or anything, or even that I look my age. I get mistaken for twenties all of the time.

Nonetheless, I'm going to wear green so I don't get pinched.

Hey, I just looked and realized that I don't have green on! Yikes! Good thing the Kiddos don't know that. Maybe I'll go put on some green eyeshadow. That's better than dying my hair green.

Speaking of...I did a very brave thing this morning. I highlighted my own hair. I've done the comb in thing before but with red so it didn't really matter if I screwed up because it was so close to my natural highlights anyway. I've highlighted The Hub's hair using the cap so it wasn't completely foreign to me. The Kiddos have beautifully natural chestnut highlights in their hair and especially in the sun, it is soooo gorgeous. They inspired me! Now, it turned out ok. Not as pretty as theirs but decent. I'm-not-ashamed-to-show-my-face-in-public kind of decent. However, I think next time I'll go a little redder and perhaps ask The AP to help. If I went blonder, I think I would let a professional do it so that there would be more of a contrast with the black.

Shoot! I was going to see if The Hub would notice. Guess I let the cat out of the bag.

The Younger is getting his cast off this Thursday. I think he will miss it actually...

The Elder is out of school this week on account of spring break. I think we are going to the zoo tomorrow since it will be a nice day.

The Teacher visited last week. She is so awesome. I know I say that every month but I just really appreciate her. I've heard the term ABA tossed around in the autism community but had no idea what that really was or how I would get those services or even if The Elder was eligible. Turns out that The Teacher's monthly visits count as ABA. Is that right? Can someone elaborate on your experience with ABA?

I think that catches us up. I've got some great quotes too that I have to publish in a separate post...stay tuned.

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inthenet (visit their site)

OK... 3 things:
1) How in the world is it that everyone in my family looks so young for their age and I don't?

2) I wanna see pics of you with highlighted hair. I just have a hard time picturing this.

3) So what is ABA anyway? You mentioned it but never explained...

Marla (visit their site)

Glad you are liking your new hair color! Good job doing that on your own. Highlights can be tricky.

You can find lots and lots of stuff about ABA on the internet. We chose not to use ABA but some people have success with it.

ABA is Applied Behavioral Analysis. It is a way of making the environment your child lives in more learnable. Like most therapies it takes a lot of time, practice and needs to be followed by everyone for the best outcome.

We interviewed an ABA therapist once to work with M but our personalities clashed. Her cost was close to a grand per week. With no funding we could never cover that price tag anyway.

She was very "hard core" and I did not like her style of teaching M. She was quite rude to me and told me that M would suffer if I did not "wake up" and see that her Autism would never get "better" without using ABA. After our meeting I cried but don't regret not hiring her.

Like everything the therapists themselves and their attitude can make or break the outcomes, I think.

Good luck! Please keep us posted on what it is like and how it works. I would like to learn more about it.

Pete (visit their site)

I can confirm the "Irish connection". Right out of County Cork, a few years back.

I think the The Younger will be happy wo the cast. It will be easier to climb.

Jen P (visit their site)

Doesn't look much different in pictures. Just like you can't see the kids' highlights in pictures. You'll just have to come visit and see for yourself! I think Marla answered the ABA question pretty well. Thanks, Marla!

The Younger climb just as hard if not harder with the cast. I'm a little scared to think what is in our future with both opposable thumbs functioning...

inthenet (visit their site)

Thanks Marla for the explanation of ABA.
But, Jen you never answered question number 1... I'm dying to know the answer to that.

Kevin (visit their site)