Start spreading the news...

"Oh Moooommmmy...I'm thinking of a song! ok, you say, 'please not now.'"

"Please, not now."

"Oh yes, it's a wonderful song. Dat dat dahah, dat dat dahah. You say, 'blubblubblubblubb.'"


"Good! Two words, two little words."

There were a couple of different versions of this. Some where I was doing the right thing and some where he got really frustrated with me. Then some when The Younger joined in (adorable). There was even one time we performed it for The Hub, and it was perfect, with the grandiose finale as in this clip.

I was glad that I found the clip. Now I can be more accurate when we role play it and reduce the meltdowns.


"Hey, look at this calendar!" (me to The Elder in Office Max in an attempt to distract him from putting all the crayons and playdoh on the shelf into the cart.)
"See, you can stick these numbers on the calendar and then when the month changes you can peel them off and stick them on again."
"That's cool, mommy....thanks for showing me." (as he walks away back to the crayons and totally blows me off)

At least he was polite.


"Do you want to watch Meet the Robinsons?" (The Elder to The Younger)
"NO! I want to watch this one!" (Beauty and Beast which brought back wonderful memories to see that earlier that morning)
"Are you sure? I think you'll like it? It's really funny!"

Master of persuasion? I better watch out!


"Mommy I want that."
"Ok, put it on your list."

We have the conversation a million times a day. Usually about Thomas the tank engine paraphernalia. It always satisfies him for me to tell him to put things on his list. Even when we are in the store and he wants something. "You can look at it while we are here, but then you'll have to put it on your list."

He's not yet asked me about that list, as in, exactly when anyone of those possession would come into fruition. But he did refer to his list for the first time yesterday while at Linens-n-things.

"Hey, Daddy, gotta hold you. I can't see it...(he picks him up)...You see? You can push this one and....I can put it on my list, ok, daddy?"

2 Responses to "Start spreading the news..."

Angela (visit their site)

We have a 'list' too... it keeps expanding. (But it isn't the kids' list it's our 'someday when the kids are moved out' list...LOL)

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

Hi Jen! Very cute quotes. When do we get to see your new 'do? Happy St. Patty's and Happy Birthday Month! And yes, my kids have running lists; luckily they usually forget what they want to add shortly after announcing it's what they absolutely CANNOT live without. :) K.