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"Imagination is a powerful tool. Don't ever lose it and never keep it down. It is the breath and life of new horizons."
--The Hub

This was the inscription in a book that The Hub gave me for Christmas in 1997. We had been married about 18 months at the time. The book is entitled Oh, the Thinks you can Think! by the famous Dr. Seuss. This book was laying around the kitchen this week and I opened it to read to The Younger. You could barely see the inscription through the illustrations, but I was so inspired, I made sure I kept the book close to my computer so that I could quote him for today. (What I have found with Success Sundays is that it has me "looking" for my next quote all week and therefore I'm inundated with positivity and inspiration all week!) He also followed this with a quote from a song by Prince formerly known as the Artist formerly known as Prince, "Whenever u say that u can't - That's when you need to be tryin'."

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4 Responses to "Success Sunday"

Lt. Mascara (visit their site)

Thats a great one!


Holding It Together (visit their site)

What a great quote - it really makes you look ahead instead of back at the past.

My quote this week is about How Far You Go In Life.

Susan (visit their site)

Happy Birthday!!!

Holding It Together (visit their site)

I forgot earlier, I kind of have a Part II for Success Sunday (although it's not a quote).