Yesterday I successfully gave both boys haircuts with minimal squirming, bleeding, poking, and frantic screaming over the loose hairs. They barely even complained about the water bottle! I think it only took about an hour for both and then I thinned it out while they were in the bathtub. They really hate it when I use the thinning shears. I think perhaps because the hairs are longer when they come out? I'll have to post pictures of them...The Younger's do is looking a little "bowly" but is very cute when it is "styled." The Elder has such thick wavy hair that, now that it has grown out to tame the crazy cowlicks, always looks so cute and "moppy."


The Elder loves to help me check the mail because he likes the magazines. His favorites are the Oriental Trading Company, Lilly's Kids, Birthday Express, and any Toy Mag. He just studies the pictures (and probably the words) over and over and over again. He has a pile of them in his bedroom that he rotates looking through (as in a single one, everyday for a month or so, then next one, etc.). At bedtime the other day, The Younger pulled one out as his bedtime book to read. The Elder immediately went to rescue the mag (The Younger can be a little rambunctious). Suddenly we hear....


The Elder gasps.

Me and The Hub assume the position to intervene imminent combat.

"It's OK." The Elder says is the most cheerful voice, "Everyone can make mistakes."

Cue: dropped mouths, and then pride rushed over us as the confusion began to subside.

You can totally tell he was quoting The Teacher (because we didn't teach him that line), but he has been given the tools to cope. Gotta love Early Intervention! I mean, most typical 4 year olds wouldn't react that way! There would be an all-limb brawl!


The Elder's current bedtime book is Easy Street. He has read it so much he has it memorized. Therefore I think he gets a little bored at bedtime now because he finds the book and then runs around the room instead of anxiously awaiting the story. You would think he would pick a different book if he was bored, but Noooooooooooooooooo he just has to make it not boring.

I so wish I had had an audio recorder or video or something last night. The Elder was conducting a group recitation.

"Daddy, it's your turn."
"Sticky Street, sticky Street..."
"STOP! It's my turn....'soft to spread. Squeeze it out....' STOP! Mommy, it's your turn."
"like jam on bread."
"STOP! Go back. Just say 'jam.'"
"STOP! OK it's brudder's turn."

Cue: The Younger staring at the book a little clueless. The Elder leans over and whispers in his ear...

"Say 'on bread.'"
"On bread." (whispering back)


Like I mentioned to Tulipmom, it's the little milestones....

PS. How do you like my new theme???? Thanks to Amy at Split Decisions for tips.

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Anonymous (visit their site)

Indeed it is the little milestones, stacking up and up until they reach for sky!

And the new theme? Love it.

Marla (visit their site)

I like the signature and the new theme! Haircuts! Argh! Always difficult here! I have an appointment scheduled for M to get her hair cut one evening next week. I am all ready telling her every day, "You will be getting a hair cut soon!" She never wants to and has a real hard time with it. I used to cut her hair myself but it has become too difficult. Boys would be much eaiser, I think.

Everybody makes mistakes! Sounds like a Hannah Montanna song! I would be so proud! Very good.

Angela (visit their site)

Love the new theme!!! Oh, and just so you know...ripping paper is excellent for fine motor skills development! :) Congrats on getting through the haircuts, I know my boy acts like we are seriously abusing him on those days...

Amy B (visit their site)

Your blog looks great!! You did an awesome job!!

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

I love the theme it looks awesome. And the signature is a personal touch!

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Love the new theme... just busy catching up on all your news... you have been so busy around here!!!

Jen P (visit their site)

Thanks for the compliments on the theme. I really had fun doing it. I'm sure there were other things I should have been doing, but if I had, then I wouldn't have a pretty blog...hahaha

Anonymous (visit their site)