Has it really been another 2 weeks?

I am really sucking in the blog department. Both writing and reading. I opened my Google Reader today to find over 1500 unread posts! Good grief!

Can't really say where I have been in the last month other than getting through the days and weeks. I've just been really busy I suppose. I have kicked it up a notch with work now that the end of our year is quickly approaching (June 30th). Anyhoo, I have read here and there from my treo but like I have said before, commenting is a bear on that thing!

I've had a couple of Success Sunday quotes floating out there that never quite made it to the computer. And now I've forgotten them all. I do know that one was a quote from a Harry Potter movie...perhaps The Hub can jog my memory on that one. That is, if I remembered to mention that out loud to him.

So let me start on my list a little. About the Kindergarten situation. Many of you have sent me emails and comments on how you have handled your Kiddo(s)' off-to-school situations. I have been praying that something would come up and as far as I know there will be an option for The Elder other than Kindergarten and other than a private preschool. YAY! We have his IEP meeting on the 7th of May to discuss this further. No other details are known, such as teacher, classmates (inclusion or not), number of days, length of days, or even which school for that matter. The Teacher didn't know any of that stuff either, including her own teaching placement for the fall. Boy that would suck if that was my job! So I'll have another post after the IEP meeting. I'm actually very excited about this one. If anyone has any advice on things that I should definitely ask for please please please leave a comment and let me know!!!

The Elder has been getting really good marks on his daily reports this week. I mean REALLY good marks. Last time, The Teacher and i discussed his 4-month cycle that we have been recognizing since he has been in her class. Of course it has only been 8 months but we can see a pattern. So we are anticipating that during the next 4 months which happens to fall during summer vacation. Interesting...

This summer I have both The Elder and The Younger enrolled into our church's Summer Day Camp for 2 days a week. It was the least expensive option that still had spaces available. Since the church has been working really hard with me and The Hub to educate themselves, I'm about 90% confident that things will go well. They even held a Mental Health Conference and many of The Elders former teachers and directors of previous preschools (2 of the 4 from which he was kicked out of) attended so I was really happy about that. I went to the K-6 grade class and The Hub went to the preschool class. I'm glad because I would have felt very uncomfortable in there with all the people I've argued with in the same room with me. However, according to The Hub I would have been vindicated because everything that I stressed to them (and they ignored) was taught by a licensed professional psychologist. There were also The Elder's Sunday School teachers (and future Sunday School teachers) present. I think some of them overlap with the Summer Camp teachers too so I'm excited about having people aware that he is just not a difficult kid, but a different kid.

Plus I really wanted to keep The Elder in a structured environment over the summer, and The Younger just needs to experience a structured day that doesn't include having his brother with him. He is still showing signs of social anxiety (except at Zuma Fun Center last weekend, where he scared me numerous times running off to check out another game to play. Interesting...) and he is continuing to stutter. I've tried correcting him and having repeat me and he does fine. He hasn't been stuttering in public mainly because he doesn't talk in public. Other than "NO" or "Back Home Please," that is.

I can't remember all the stories that I had in mind to share for the "How God brings people together for a reason beyond our comprehension until you look back and see how things were weaved together" bullet, but I bet others who read this have similar experiences. I'm still finding out things as every day goes by. Hmmm, I guess that is what the mean by Life is a Journey and not a Destination. I'll make this a "Talk Amongst Yourselves" topic so please share any feeling you have about this statement.

And lastly (not leastly), the whole organization bit. Perhaps that is why I haven't had extra time on my hands to blog. I got me some organization! I have literally been so productive that I have to make myself STOP working! Crazy I know. I went to go see a motivational speaker in my company last Thursday and she made some very interesting points. There are 2 kinds of people in the world:

  1. Those who are organized.
  2. Those who are a hot mess.
Of course I'm getting dizzy as pictures of my hot mess are flashing before my eyes. But I loved her "comeback." Those who are organized can spend too much time organizing and therefore are not productive to their potential because of that. Those who are a hot mess can spend too much time thinking about getting organized and therefore are not productive to their potential because of that. For those of you who fall under the "organized" category, she suggests balancing by letting go perfectionism. For those of us who are the hot mess, she suggests being a copy cat. Find someone who is organized and do what they do. Because no matter how much we think about getting organized, it ain't gonna happen. I'm sure some could argue with that statement but I was not one of them because about 2 weeks ago I decided to adopt part of the GTD system and tweak it just a little for my business. I also invested a whopping $35 in some products from a vendor who supports the sales force of my company and tweaked it to follow the GTD system. It has been wonderful. I finally feel put together even though my former system (if you want to call it that) has not yet been transferred to the new one. I'm actually just transferring as I go so I don't get behind trying to get it up to date.

But what I love about it the most is that I feel productive and balance in both my work and home. That includes family and personal. So yay for me.

OK, so I gotta some other things to finish on my list for the day. Looking forward to reading your stories!

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inthenet (visit their site)

Hey! glad to see you back!!!
Can I get points for suggesting GTD to you way back when?

Jen P (visit their site)

POOF! You got points!

Susan (visit their site)

I am an organized one. :(

Wow -- look at all of that progress with The Elder! That is wonderful.

Glad to have you back in blogland.

wheresthebox (visit their site)

Good to hear from you! I kind of fell down on the Success Sunday too, but am planning to revive it in May. Glad to hear the kindergarten process is moving along for you; we are waiting on a response to our last email to the team here.

John and Allie Fields (visit their site)

I'm totally out of the loop too since my computer has been dead. I finally got to update though so hopefully I can get back to reading AND posting.

Anonymous (visit their site)