Elderese Part II

The Scene: Mommy's bathroom just after I got out the shower

I hear someone running down the hall, open and slam the door of my room, and, just as I predicted, coming towards the bathroom. I put my foot to the base of the door so whoever it was couldn't just barge in.

The Elder: (wiggles the door handle) Um, Excuse Me...
Me: (quiet)
The Elder: (knocks on the door gently) Excuse me...
Me: Yes?
The Elder: Can I have my glasses, please?
Me: (spotting his glasses on my counter top) Why sure!
I open the door, hand him his glasses, and he loyally says "thanks" as he hollars to The AP, "I found them!!"

So what's the big deal?
  1. He observed proper social etiquette when approaching a closed door (well, once he realized it was "locked")
  2. The volume of his voice was at a normal level and not at 90 decibels.
  3. He used polite words without being prompted (remember I said nothing to him), and immediately said thanks in response to my giving him what he wanted.
  4. His syntax was perfect the first time it came out of his mouth! I didn't have to correct him and he didn't have to correct himself!
  5. His sentence was spoken with a "typical" conversation flow and inflection.
Wow! Preschool is amazing. I am glad that he gets to go to a transition class for him to practice consistency in these social skills, but I wonder how well he would do if I did send him straight to Kindergarten. You know how kids behave much better in a structured environment as opposed to at home. Not that home is chaotic, but...oh, wait,...it is. Never mind.


The Scene: In the car running errands.

Act I: In the Neighborhood
The Elder: Hey, it the recycle truck!
The Younger: No! It's Trash Truck..
The Elder: No, the trash truck is blue and it's big and it's little. The recycle truck is green and it's only big.
The Younger: i...i...i...it's recycle? (he is still stuttering on occasion but it is not as frequent)
The Elder: You're right. Good job.
Our Trash service has a regular Trash Truck (big) as like the "hub" of the neighborhood, and then smaller satellite pick-up trucks that serve as dump trucks buzzing around picking up trash and then usually they meet up at the Mother Truck and empty their bed in our cul-de-sac in front of our house and The Kiddos love to watch this every Friday.

Act II: At the Traffic Light
The Elder: Are we going to the bank?
Me: Yes.
The Elder: I think you're going the wrong way.
Me: Really?
The Elder: Yes, I think you need to turn right.
Me: I am turning right.
The Elder: Oohhh, OK.
Not sure if he realizes yet that there are different turn lanes at lights.
The Elder: Mommy, I need to go to the store.
Me: We are going to the bank.
The Elder: (smiling and shaking his head as if to say, 'silly mommy') No...the bank is not for buying. The bank is for delivery.
I was impressed that he got the connection. Well, I did tell him that we had to go to the bank and then go make a delivery as two separate errands, but his statement was very true.

Act III: At the Bank waiting in line at the Drive-Thru
The Younger: I wanna go to bank...get lollipop.
The Elder: We are at the bank.
The Younger: No! its store.
The Elder: No it's the bank. See? (I assume he is pointing at the building)
The Younger: No! Not bank!
The Elder: Mommy, he says this is a store!
What's the big deal?
  1. He asked me to intervene instead of taking it into his own hands (and/or feet) and attacking his brother across the car seats. I'm always telling him that when he feels frustrated to call me so I can help him handle it.
  2. Not sure he was even frustrated since his call for intervention was again a simple statement and not a 90 decibel announcement with his face on the verge of massive implosion.
Me: It is not a store, it is the bank.
The Elder: (to The Younger) See? When you are inside the bank, you stand in line and you buy a lollipop. When you are outside, you drive your car to this thing and then you...buy a lollipop.
That was an expensive lollipop...

4 Responses to "Elderese Part II"

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Ummm, OUR son said and did all that? WOW!

WherestheBox (visit their site)

Isn't it amazing all the little things you notice that would probably fly right by you in a typical world? BTW, we just finished a year of preK instead of doing kindergarten last year and we have been so happy with our decision - it can really make all the difference in my opinion.

Niksmom (visit their site)

Smiling with joy for you! Yes, it is so easy to miss those things in a "typical" world. Aren't you glad we get to celebrate all the advances our kids make?

Have a great holiday weekend!

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

I love this format of your posts!!! Very entertaining (and enlightening)!!