I owe you pictures

I got a new high density card that isn't recognized by my computer! So I have about 2 months worth of photos on my cam that I couldn't download and share. Now that I have a new card reader I can deliver what I owe!

Pictures from the Beach

The reason why they say you should say "Bunny" instead of "Cheese."

You can also get a visual of the stairs that I refer to in my last post.

Enjoy this video of The Younger's most recent feet...I mean feat...

And now for something completely different...the dramatic re-enactment of yesterday's feat...

The Scene: I am in the master bathroom with less than nothing on getting ready to shower.

The Younger: Mommy, I want to shower with you.

aside: he had been playing outside all day so I would guarantee that he was clean before going to bed.

Me: OK.

The Younger: (undresses with a silent and blank stare and then abruptly announces) I need to go poo poo.
Me: You do? In your little potty or in the big potty?
The Younger: The big potty.

I carried him to the toilet and gave him a stool for him to hold on to so he didn't feel like he was going to fall in.

The Younger: It's not working.
Me: Well, just sit and relax.
The Younger: (begins to dismount, then quickly repositions himself on the pot) It's working!
Me: Yay! (after "the wipe") Now, go tell Daddy and tell him to come here and see!

(fade out: pitter patter of feet)

aside: after yesterday's post I was soooo tempted to get the camera!

(fade in: pitter patter of feet)

Me: Is Daddy coming?
The Younger: No.
Me: Well tell him to come here.
The Younger: I have to pee pee.
Me: Oh Ok.

I helped him up onto the potty again.

The Younger: I pee pee AND poo poo in the big potty!
Me: Yay! I'm so proud of you. OK, now go get daddy!

(fade out: pitter patter of feet)
(fade in: pitter patter of feet)

Me: Where's daddy?

The Younger: (with sense of urgency in his voice) In the kitchen.
Me: Did you tell him to come here?
The Younger: No, I have to poo poo again.

For the third and final time, I replace him on the potty and he finished the job!

Me: Stay right there, don't move. I'll go get Daddy.

I'm standing at the master bedroom door, naked, half-hiding behind the door, yelling to the kitchen at the other end of the house.

Me: Daddy, come here!

Daddy quickly approaches as if he had an extinguisher in his hand to put out some fire.

The Hub: What's the matter?
Me: Tell Daddy what you did.
The Younger: I pee pee and poo poo in the big potty.

standing ovation

The End

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Susan (visit their site)

Great pics! Touching story. Awwww!

Papa (visit their site)

Looks like you all had a great time. I was wondering how Eric reacted to the sound of the surf.

Great news for Ryan too. A big step for sure.

Angela (visit their site)

YEAH!!!!! POtty success is always good news!!

Anonymous (visit their site)

Cute pictures and thank goodness for potty training going well! Yes!

Anonymous (visit their site)


Anonymous (visit their site)