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"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
--Jack London

This one just makes me laugh because I guess I was waiting for a Success Sunday quote to just hit me over the head, but alas it did not. So I went on the internet to look up quotes that I could use for today so as to put an end to the month long hiatus from posting them. So with my keyboard as my "club," ladies and gentlemen, I bring you this quote....(applause)

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6 Responses to "Success Sunday"

WherestheBox (visit their site)

Very funny quote!!

I'm back on the Success Sunday bandwagon as well. Here's mine.

Anonymous (visit their site)

True. True. I am always seeking it out. Always.

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

Happy Mother's Day!

WherestheBox (visit their site)

Happy Mother's Day, Jen! Don't know if you will have time to post a new quote today, but here's mine anyway.

tulipmom (visit their site)

Just stopping by to say Happy Mother's Day.

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

Ditto, Jen! Have a great Mother's Day! K.