Like sands through the hourglass...

Thanks to Miss Nelson for bringing this to my attention.

Here is the link to the article.

Here is my comment in response to her:

OK, I guess if we are all confessing here, I've watched Days of Our Lives for as long as I can remember. I had to be 5 years old or something. Wow, that is like 30 years of DOOL. Yes, I also was a fan of Another World.

BTW, for DOOL fans present and past, I discovered when I was in college (then it was, since then it has greatly evolved). Now I just use it to get the cliff notes version of the episodes. My favorite to keep up with though are Dustin's Thoughts. It is what we are all thinking when we watch these crazy shows.

I do hope they make it general enough to cover the bases of how autism looks like in different children. Maybe Theo can have a friend or two who have autism too (maybe in a classroom setting). Then they can show the different perspectives of the spectrum and maybe even a playdate to see how parents react differently and continue to react differently.

Hey! I should make my own post on my blog about this! Thanks! I'll link to you.

And so I did.

I find it so interesting how the autism community can band together so well, yet have completely different theories and opinions about the disorder itself. We all have different strategies to deal with the changes that are inevitable in our lives. We all take the different paths from "reading everything you can" to "take it as it comes" and it all leads us into this common comforting bond of empathy, despite the many differences that a "spectrum" implies. We may not always agree on the issues that are the controversial hot topics of the day, week, or season, but there is always an understanding of the variety of emotions we all undergo, a recognition of how much we love our children and want what's best for them, the validation of the "normalcy" of the off-days, and the celebrations we have for each other in times of triumph and marking milestones.

At least that is my perspective since joining the community...

What do you think?
Talk Amongst Yourselves...

P.S. 10 Points to the first person who notices what's different about my theme.

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Mandolin Mom (visit their site)

Morning! I noticed the difference to your theme right away, and I love it! "Celebrate" replaces research.

Love ya!

Jen P (visit their site)

That is correct! It doesn't surprise me that you are the "winner."

Anyhoo, not that I've researched so much that I have figured it out, but I've come to realize that researching takes away from enjoying my family. And most of the enjoyment comes from the fact that we all live with ASD. I celebrate because I wouldn't have it any other way!

Besides, all the research in the world will never lead to "figuring it out," or else someone would have figured it out by now!

Here's your points:


Susan (visit their site)

Hey there. Confession time: I am a Days fan! Now that I am working from home, I admit that for that hour each day I take my laptop to the couch so I can watch.

That said, I immediately thought of your family last week when autism first was mentioned. I am glad that it is being brought to the "mainstream," you might say. I also thought of you guys when Jenny McCarthy was on Dateline or some show like that discussing her son. Very eye opening. Now if only more people would get in the loop!

Marla (visit their site)

I have never seen the show. But, I bet more shows will be having Autism as a topic since it is all over the news. It does bring an audience.

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

I am a little late... but thanks for the link. Also I love the fact that you changed it to CELEBRATE!!