Nothing about Nothing IV

Here is an excerpt from a comment I posted on a friend's blog which is dedicated to documenting their adventures of their first child who just turned 4 months:

"Those CHEEKS!!! Filling out, eh?

To add on to T's comment about when life changes:

- At mobility - Yay, because you don't have to carry them around anymore when they are 30lbs (of course ours might still be that seeing they are in the 10th percentile!). Boo, because you have to nail everything to the floor and glue the cabinets and drawers shut.

- When they start talking - Yay, because you don't have to try to mind-read anymore. Boo, because they either don't shut up, embarrass you in public, or they start talking back and put YOU in time out!

- When they potty train - Yay, because you don't have to pack a diaper bag that weighs more than the baby anymore. Boo, because you have to get up more frequently to take them to the bathroom (in the middle of movies and on long drives).

That's as far as I can go without going into theory! Cheers! Enjoy and you'll be so thankful that you have documented this so well. Be sure that you do the same with subsequent kids. They always get screwed..."

Would love to hear what others who have gone before me can warn me about tell me what I can look forward to in future milestones!

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