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"Without perseverance talent is a barren bed"
--Welsh Proverb

I think sometimes we "hide" our talents because of many reasons. Fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success thus fear of responsibility, and sometimes because of apathy or the perception that a talent is not important enough to pursue. This is sad to me, especially when I catch myself doing it. God gave us each a talent (or talents) for a reason. Not to keep to ourselves but to share with others. And perseverance allows that talent to be fruitful.

I don't normally blog about my business here. I have a unit training blog specifically for that. But as I face the last 2 weeks of our business year, staring at the goals in front of me. Seeing how close we are to some and how far we are from others and deciding which direction do I put my effort into. How often do I compromise my leadership talent because of the fears I've listed above? How often do I get distracted from what really matters? Our unit's success or failure, or the lives I enrich or touch...why can't it be both?

I'm rambling because I'm thinking of a lady that I met for the second time last night. Last January, my scheduler booked her for an appointment through a bridal contract I have with a local bridal company. This lady canceled on me FOUR times. I wasn't too worried about it though because she lived over an hour away from me and frankly, I didn't want to drive that far (Oh, the shame). Finally last month I met with her in person (by this point we practically were "best friends" from talking on the phone so much for 5 months, and realizing that we're both from South Carolina). In these phone conversations we discussed how hard she works and the day before I was to visit her, I called to confirm and she barely had a voice because she had worked so hard that week. I gave her the choice of holding the appointment versus postponing. Maybe it was because she knew she needed some down time. Maybe it was because she felt bad that she kept canceling on me. I'm not sure, but she told me to come on over.
I drove all the way out there and none of her friends showed up so it was just me and her and it gave me time to totally focus on just her. I wasn't shocked when I saw this lady for the first time. She looked very tired, her face looked drawn, her hair sprinkled with "stress" grays. What did shock me was that we were the same age. I don't mean anything bad by saying that. But it was my honest first reaction when I saw her DOB on her paperwork. She admitted that she hadn't taken the time to take care of herself like so many of us often do. Now, this is my favorite part of my job...when people realize that they need and deserve to feel pampered, and then they allow it. Before I left, she was smiling and happy. She didn't have to spend one dime with me to have made the trip worth it to me. Her glow was enough.

Yesterday I went to visit her again for her follow-up. She is getting married in 2 weeks so she wanted me to customized a glamour look for her. When she opened the door, she was like a new woman. She immediately welcomed me in with a smile, raving about how happy she was with her skin. She looked AMAZING after her makeover. I mean, after a month of taking care of her skin, and then with the makeup she literally looked 10 years younger.
One of her friends came over and talked about how much better she looked (confessing that she often inadvertently blurts things out but means it as a, saying she was jealous! Her crows feet were gone, her eyes looked brighter, and the texture and tone of her skin looked flawless! If it wasn't for anonymity reasons I would post her "after" picture here.

So back to my point...I persevered with this lead much longer than I normally would have in the past. I attribute it to being more organized with a new client management system, treating my ADHD, and text messaging (lol - it allows me to multitask and for some reason most people prefer to communicate this way). How easy would it have been for me to have just not called her back? Very easy. And at times, very tempting. But of all the postponements and cancellations I have had in the last 6 months, she was the only person that I persevered with until I "crossed the finish line" and finally met with her. And it was totally worth it. Not because I made over 300 in profit (well...that part was nice too...hey, this IS how I make my living), but because I made a friend. I think she made me feel better than I made her feel. Because of this lady's integrity to meet with me and her love for our products...our unit has met the halfway milestone for the month (today is the 15th). As a matter of fact we have surpassed it.

So yes, why can't it be both?
That is success to me.

Makes me wish that I have persevered with the other cancellations. Those situations remain unfruitful or as the proverb above says "barren."

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