Three Cheers for The Younger!!

Hip hip HOORAY!!

Hip hip HOORAY!!

Hip hip HOORAY!!

Today is The Younger's 3rd birthday! Even though it is June I am taking the day off to take him to the Free Family Movie at the Regal Cinemas. The Elder has VBS this week so there is no summer camp and since The Younger is only three >sniff< he does not qualify for VBS placement. Humph! Well, that just means I get him all to myself! and Vice Versa. Yesterday The Gma came and picked him up and spent the day with him. When she came to drop him off he was zonked out in the back seat. She wanted to take The Elder to the train tracks so I picked the little guy up out of the car seat. He briefly awoken only to plop his head right back on my shoulder (this is unheard of! Usually he flails in fits of anger for disturbing his slumber). And then I brought him to his bed and laid him down gently. He open his eyes and then rolled over and went back to sleep and didn't wake up until this morning. I guess he couldn't wait for it to be his birthday.

When I asked The Elder what he wanted to get his brother for his birthday, he thought briefly and then said, "His Toy Kitchen" which is what he (The Younger) is trying to earn. I thought that was so sweet for him to think of something that his brother would want versus something that he would want (The Elder's choice is the Batter batter Baseball). I thought about going ahead and getting their prizes that they are earning just in case they sell out or go up in price and I just haven't done it yet. I was really hoping that they would have earned their tickets by now, but after a while the tickets started losing their charm. Thought about going to the marble system according to one of my speech pathologist friends. Well, we do have a gift for him, unfortunately it is not his toy kitchen, but he will love it nonetheless...I hope. Well, I hope he doesn't ever see that this even exists. He won't be satisfied with anything then...Yes, he is in love with Dora. Too bad all the underpants for that show are pink and lacey, and thank goodness they are in the girls department or we just might have to fight him to the death if he ever saw them.

Well, in exactly 3 weeks The Elder will be 5 and we will be planning their joint birthday party. Until The Younger gets him some friends, he will continue to share a party with The Elder! >sigh< Bounce House type of place.

My babies are growing up TOO FAST!

2 Responses to "Three Cheers for The Younger!!"

Niksmom (visit their site)

Happy Birthday, little dude!

Yeah, that Dora kitchen is a bit much...the huge Dora head would scare me!

Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Oh, I cannot believe Ryan is 3!! You were pregnant with Ry when we met and Joshua and Eric were just little guys. Remember how they held hands in their strollers at the Women's Expo?

Five- now that I really cannot believe!!