Of my list of things to blog about, this post trumphs them all!

I do keep a running list by my computer for when I do get a chance to blog. However, I do not always remember to write on that list....

Right now I'm enjoying the sound of The Kiddos laughing and squealing and chasing The Skipper Dog. It was not like that earlier today...

Enter The Younger screaming that his brother hurt him (not unusual and typically a fake cry). But this scream had the "I'm not kidding" twang to it, so I jumped up to see what happened.

The Younger: He bite me.
Me: Where?
The Younger: My face.

Sure enough there were teeth marks ON HIS CHEEK!
(this was taken about an hour later. At the time you could literally see purple teethmarks)

Cue: smoke coming out my ears and storming down the hall. Trying to remember that I need to pay more attention to the bitee, I hold The Younger tight and said something comforting like, "You don't deserve this."

I found The Elder in his room trying to explain what happened (which is justifiable in his mind of course). Evidently The Younger was not "following the rules" of whatever they were doing. I told him that it is NEVER acceptable to bite people. I popped him on the bottom even though The Super Doc suggested against it. I did though because he knows I'm serious when I do that. I pull his skivvies down and pat his bottom. I don't have to pop hard for it to make a sound and he actually feels it than if I pop with the same intensity over his pants. He will cry a fake cry and then he calms down as soon as I ask a non-related question. Like a on/off switch. I think The Super Doc just wants us to be consistent.

Me: No more computer.
The Elder: I wasn't on the computer, I was watching TV.
Me: Then no TV or computer. The playroom is closed. Go sit in your room.

I locked the door to the playroom and put a stop sign on the door knob (since the lock is on the outside of the door, he could easily unlock it and open it, but he won't break the rules of stop signs!).

I updated The Hub on what happened. I told him that I popped his bottom and qualified it that we should ONLY do it when he bites because of the severity of the offense and we need to be harder on him when he does it. Usually we will put him in time out, make him apologize to his brother, go over and over what we bite and what we don't bite. Show him the bite, because he is visual, and explain how it hurts, trying to explain empathy, etc. But usually that is it. No real consequences there. Duh. And I wonder why he keeps doing it.

Anyhoo, about a minute afterward, The Elder comes into the kitchen very neutrally and politely asks The Hub to fix his toy (one of the Thomas things he got at his bday party). I stuck to my guns and told him that it was not time for him to leave his room and he needs to go back and stay in his room until we say it is OK. He strips naked, gives me the evil eye, starts down the hall, and throws his clothes in my general direction. I quickly footnote my previous command...

Me: Unless you need to use the bathroom. You may go to the bathroom is you need to.

Whew. I may have headed off a wet mess in his bedroom. The next thing we know, we hear a cry for help.

The Elder: Daddy, I need you to wipe my bottom.

Cue: me pointing and laughing at The Hub! I guess I headed off more than a wet mess.
The Hub comes in my office after his Doody Duty.

The Hub: I think we just hit a major milestone.

Well, he tells me that after The Elder was done, he turned to his brother and said,

"I didn't tell you I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for biting you."
and then

Cue: Trumpets sounding behind me while my mouth is gaping wide open. I was literally speechless. I couldn't wait to blog about it.

Fortunately, The Younger is a tough guy, easily forgives, and never skips a beat at making us laugh!

We should close the playroom more often. Check out what we did...all in one day...

9 Responses to "Of my list of things to blog about, this post trumphs them all!"

~Miss Nelson (visit their site)

Oh my gooodness!! His little cute cheek! :(

Sounds like a learning experience for the Elder and he realized on his own that he needed to apologize.

John and Allie Fields (visit their site)

Awww....brotherly love.

Susan (visit their site)

Well handled!

dpal (visit their site)

Excellent post!!! You did a great job with this... and I absolutely LOVE the pix of the younger at the end!

tulipmom (visit their site)

Wow! I'd be speechless too!

Marla (visit their site)

Yikes! That is quite the bite. A love bite perhaps? The pictures are too cute.

Bonnie (visit their site)

Way to go Jen! What a bite!

Lt. Mascara (visit their site)

All's well that ends well...after a little drama! Those two are just as cute as can be!

Kevin (visit their site)