Origins of names

I enjoyed Angela's post about where her children's names came from. It reminded me of the ordeal we went through to name our children. Here is the comment I left on her post:

We adopted the "Wal-mart" rule to naming our kids. Because my name is Jennifer during a time when everyone's name was Jennifer, I could never find stickers, bracelets, pencils...nothing...with my name on it because all the other Jennifers gor there first. So the name had to be common enough to find at a personalized trinket kiosk, but not so common that they were always running out.

We had a list of names (separate lists) of what to name The Elder. We ended up choosing a name that wasn't even on the list because he didn't "look" like a Graham or whichever names we had. It took us 6 hours to name him, and didn't let grandparents meet him until we could introduce him with a name.

His name means "Honorable Ruler" and "Gift of God" and The Younger's name means "Little King" and "Gift of God" (but their middle names are not the same!). Isn't that cool? So in essence, The Younger was named after The Elder!

Since we didn't know what The Younger was in terms of gender, we had both girl names and boy names picked out. We still wanted to wait until he was born to actually name him. You know, just in case he was a she, though that mommy instinct told me otherwise. The week before he popped out (actually The Hub got to deliver him), I doubted that instinct and I started to panic because I had nothing girlie to take him home in in the event it was a girl. Fortunately it was a boy because we knew what we wanted to name him already. Double fortunately, he "looked" the part too.

So, where did your kids' names come from?

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Angela (visit their site)

I love hearing about how people named their children!!! So glad you got in on this one!

Angela (visit their site)

Glad I checked this out by the way because for whatever reason you comment didn't post?

Trish (visit their site)

This is very interesting. We only had girl names because at the ultrasound we were told we were having a girl. When our son was born (!), we both prayed about it and felt that we should name him Michael. On our own, we never would have picked one of the most common names out there. :)

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Of course, you left out the cool "nicknames" that we had for them while In Utero such as Monkey Boy and Baby Incognito.

I wonder if I could have gotten Child Incognito by you? Probably Not...

Husband Incognito

Jen (visit their site)

Kyle's was chosen after leaving the ultrasound as Steve read through the names db on his Pilot :o) "Kyle?" "That's It!". Ryan's was harder - took about 2 weeks post u/s - and it was someone mentioning her brother in law's name... Ryan? Yes! In both instances once we heard it and said it out loud we knew it. Holly's was harder. Mostly, because Steve was set on a looong name (and our last name has 12 letters already...) - I ran several lists by him, nothing grabbing him. One day the phone rang and caller-id said "holly... something" it was a wrong number. Hmmmm "Holly?" And it was the right name! So Holly was named after a wrong number!

Each of the three have more sentimental middle names. My Dad was given the honor of choosing Ky's (I wanted to honor my Dad, but refuse to name my child Orville!), Ry's is his Daddy's name, and Holly's is my Sister's name.

In all three we had chosen the name prior to delivery but reserved the right to change our minds on meeting the child... so we monogramed nothing :o)

Susan (visit their site)

When I have a child:

a girl will have my mom's first name Ella (she went by her middle name, Louise)

a boy's middle name will be my dad's: Roy (and he didn't have a middle name!)

tulipmom (visit their site)

My son was named after our grandfathers (my husband's grandfather ... actual first name and my grandfather .... we used the first initial).

My daughter was named after our grandmothers (my grandmother's actual first name and my husband's grandmother's first initial).

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

First I have to say how much I love this Mom line: "Look at this picture with your eyeballs." Perfect! I can't stop smiling about that one!

On names: Two of my kiddos got first names to go with their middle names, which came from Dad (my son) and Grandmommy (youngest girl). But my middle one got the best deal, a first name from her great-grandfather Laurent (can you guess her first name?) and her middle name from my mom, AKA Grandma.

You've reminded me to look up their names' meanings, though. I have a funny feeling they're all appropriate. Funny how that works, isn't it?! K.

Anonymous (visit their site)

I grew up never finding my name anywhere. I guess I got used to it because we named our daughter Maizie and never find her name anywhere. Luckily, with the internet you can get about anything made with your name on it.;) We chose her name from a baby book. Waiting to adopt her, looking at baby names books was about all we could do to pass the time. I fell in love with the name Maizie.

Tammy and Parker (visit their site)

With both of us being educators, it was important to both Reed and I not to have common names. Parker is our most common name. And I let his brothers run with that name since they absolutely loved it. :D