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"When you think like a child, your imagination is free, and anything is possible."
--Criss Angel

"I think theres a little child in all of us and we all to often forget to let the child out to play."
--Donna A. Favors

"True genius sees with the eyes of a child and thinks with the brain of a genie"
--Puzant Kevork Thomajan

I couldn't pick just one. They were all so relevant. The Elder's birthday is on Tuesday and we have been really slack in planning his birthday party. It is actually both Kiddos party since The Younger was unfortunately born in the month of June when I rarely come up for air. So I thought that I would at least start a list of invitees.

Presenting Elderese Part V and Youngerese Part II. Names have been changed to protect the innocent...

(Pen and paper in hand, ready to record his dictation...)

Me: So who do you want to invite to your party?
The Elder: Ummm...Christian and Eliza, Joshua, Andrew, Ethan, Ethan from church, Oh we forgot new friend...and Grey...
Me: Who else?
The Elder: Um...Mommy!

(I start a 2nd column for me since I don't have to send myself an invitation but glad to know that I have been personally invited.)

The Elder: That's YOUR name!
Me: Who else?
The Elder: Daddy, Lolo & Lola.....Hey! I know! This can be big people and this can be small people! (referring to the 2 different columns I was creating on the list.)
Me: You mean Adults and Kids? (he nods in agreement) Who else?
The Elder: Um the one with the train...and the blue the last place...

(I'm looking at him a little perplexed)

The Elder: Oh...Paul & Zoe's House!!! And their mommy and daddy too (I assume so we can put them on the "big" list)

(There were others on the list that I was recording when The Younger comes in and I ask his opinion.)

Me: Who do want to invite to your party?
The Younger: I want Dora cake.
Me: I know you want a Dora cake and your brother wants a Thomas cake (again). Which friends do you want to be at the party?
The Younger: (holding up 3 fingers...he's so proud to have accomplished this) I want 3 friends.
Me: Just three? Which three?
The Younger: Joshua, Cris, and Cris's friend.
Me: What about your friends?
The Younger: and Grandma.
Me: Anyone from Summer camp? church?
The Younger: and my friend, Dena.

(I write that down snickering and making a mental note to let The Asst that she made the cut.)

Me: Is that all? No friends from church or camp? Like Kara?
The Younger: my friend, Skippy.
Me: Ok, so tell me again who you want to invite.
The Younger: my friend, Joshua, my friend, Cris, my friend, Dena, my friend, Skippy, and my friend, Joshua. (with an extra emphasis on the "ua") That's all my peoples...can share my cake...

So if you or your child didn't make the cut...have your peoples contact our peoples and we will see if we can negotiate...

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3 Responses to "Success Sunday"

Niksmom (visit their site)

Oh, they are toooo cute! ROFL about "all my peoples..." Hope the party turns out to be just what everyone wanted. :-)

tulipmom (visit their site)

"all my peoples" ..... ha ha!! Can't wait to hear how it went!

Trish (wheresthebox) (visit their site)

Love the quotes - I posted but didn't get a chance to let you know.

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