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"The secret story is the one we'll never know, although we're living it from day to day, thinking we're alive, thinking we've got it all under control and the stuff we overlook doesn't matter."
--Roberto Bolano

I had a different quote for today and then came across this one about 2 seconds ago and changed it. I think many people who read my blog can identify with this. To me, the secret story is the Master Plan of my life. Something that weighs on my mind quite often, keeping my mind as open as possible. It fascinates me to try to find out what that secret is, knowing full well that once I've got it "figured out," that it is just a means to finding peace with a particular outcome. Then later as I recalculate the order of events, I'm reminded of a word, a look, body language, something that completely changes the context of the event. Isn't that crazy? Well, the crazy thing is that even with all the rediscovered overlooked nuances of my life, I still will never have it figured out!! I guess it'll be in that big book at the pearly gates.

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Oh, by the way. One of the drawbacks of posting too often (like I've have that problem) is that the second one tends to get "overlooked" so here is the "secret story" about the birthday party that didn't get too many hits because of its post position in the blog. Be sure to leave a comment so I know that I didn't write that incredibly long past in vain. I mean, at least I have the moment recorded for posterity...

So let me back up and take a chunk out of this list by my desk...

Last Friday, I woke up to The Elder screaming that he had hair all over him. He doesn't like getting haircuts because of how the hair feels as it falls on his skin, nor how it pokes him through his clothes if they stuck on his shirt. Can't blame him there. I don't know too many people who enjoy that feeling, hence the invention of the "cape." Anyhoo, he is saying, "Get it off, get it off.." as he is pulling at his hair.

Me: Honey, are you having a bad dream?
The Elder: No, I want to get it off!
Me: Do you want me to cut your hair?
The Elder: Noooo.....
Me: I can cut it shorter, if I cut it short then I won't have to cut it for a long time.
The Elder: Nooooooo....
Me: I can cut it short like Kenneth and Colton and Ethan's hair.
The Elder: (stopping to visualize their haircuts) OK. I want it short like Ethan Colton Kenneth.
Me: Ok, I'll cut it tonight during the movie.

Fridays are Family Movie Night. It is a night that we let the kids stay up later than normal, eat popcorn in the playroom, and possibly fall asleep on the floor. But on hair cutting nights, it can be quite an ordeal.

Now it was early in the morning so I wanted to make sure that he remembered exactly what we were planning to do that evening so I kept asking him throughout the day, "Are you sure you want it shorter?"

The Elder: Yes. I want it short like Ethan Colton Kenneth.

I would tell The Younger about the plan too. Hoping that if I can get one kid down for a haircut, i might as well knock 'em both out at the same time.

Me: (to The Younger) Guess what? I'm going to cut your brother's hair shorter during the movie tonight. I can your hair cut too, OK?
The Younger: Yes...I want you to cut it BIGGER.


Well, that day happened to be is 5-year-old well check-up. Since he is not going to kindergarten they didn't have to do the full out physical. He did very well, I think because The Younger wasn't there to rile him up. They are usually playing chase with each other in the 6 x 5 foot exam room. I let The Younger stay home with The AP as it was during his nap and if he didn't take a nap, on a NORMAL Family Movie Night, it would be good because he would fall asleep within 5 minutes of hitting Play. But on a Family Movie Haircut Night, we want him to be well-rested.

Well, right before we were just about done with his exam, The Kid Doc says, "So did you want to go ahead and do his immunizations now?"

Well I was shocked. I mean, I didn't bring backup. The Kid Doc kept saying "it's up to you" and I kept getting panicked because I didn't want to make a separate trip JUST for shots, but I didn't want to be the one holding him down either. For a split second, i almost postponed JUST so I could send The Hub to go do it. What a wuss I am. Well, I agreed to 2 of the shots because the other 2 are going to be combined into 1 shot in the near future. I have until kindergarten to make him get it. I figured 3 sticks spread out were better than 4 sticks all right now. The sad thing is that they put them in his skinny little arm. One on each side.

He cried so hard. At first from the pain, then from the confusion. His poor little lip was quivering in a way that looked like he was faking it, but of all the times he has faked a cry, I've never seen his little lip quiver like that. I just hugged him and rocked him and apologized that he had to go through that.

Me: It's just what all 5 year olds have to do.
The Elder: I don't want to do that again.
Me: No more today. But you will need one more before you go to kindergarten.
The Elder: Noooooooooooo
Me: Not today.
The Elder: I don't want to do that again...not all year.
Me: It will be your LAAAASSSST one until you are really old, like 12.
The Elder: Noooo...I can't!

I actually had to get onto the mobile youtube site from my treo and find Thomas the Tank Engine's Accident's Happen video to get him to calm down while we had to wait to see if he had a reaction. (yikes! I tried to find the video to link to it and it is no longer available! that is a very very very bad thing once he finds out!) Once we were in the car I got a text that The AP was taking The Younger to Wal-mart so I thought that we would meet them there and treat The Elder to a NEW movie that he could pick out of the "Price-Cut" section.

Before we met up with them at the Toy Department, I took The Elder to the magazine section to try to find a picture of a short haircut, which very hard to find these days in those teeny bopper mags. Finally I found one and showed it to him.

Me: Look, here is a boy with short hair. I'm going to cut your hair just like this.
The Elder: I want to go to the Toys.
Me: I know, but we have to do this first (i love being the adult). Look at this picture....
Look at this picture with your eyeballs.....This is what your hair is going to look like after I cut it, OK?
The Elder: hair is black.

OK, so I wasn't specific enough, but at least I gave him an image of just how short his hair would be. I mean, it was pretty moppy, so there were places that I cut 3 inches off.

We met up with The AP and The Younger, and told The Elder to tell his brother what we were doing with his hair. You know, just trying to reinforce the concept before we do the deed to minimize any freaky-out-ness.

The Elder: Mommy's cutting my hair shorter, like Ethan Colton Kenneth.
The Younger: Mommy's cut my hair BIGGER.

They started going through the DVD racks trying to find which DVD he wanted.

The Younger: I want Walmart & Grandma.
The Elder: I don't want that.
The Younger: Mommy, I want Walmart & Grandma.
Me: We have that at home, let's pick out a different DVD.

They went through a few more before he settled on the DVD he wanted.

It was a great movie! Even the second time we watched it (in the same night). The Elder got a great new haircut and The Younger got half of a haircut. I still haven't finished it more than a week later. Oh well, it's a good thing he has fine straight hair.

Stay Tuned for future posts:
  • I have had a few moments this past week that could have really been a derailment of my mental stability.
  • The Elder has The Girlfriend
  • The Elder has a school to go to next month!


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Trish (wheresthebox) (visit their site)

You are brave, cutting hair. I have always been afraid to try that!

Thanks for your comment on my Success Sunday post. I guess I like thinking that there are other options - even if you don't "win".

Jen P (visit their site)

It was better to have the screaming hissy fits at home than in public! I am not as afraid as the hair dressers to hold them down when i need to!

Anonymous (visit their site)


Anonymous (visit their site)