Amendment to the amendment

To clear things up, I found this on Wiki:

There is significant controversy over the difference between AS and the broader category of high-functioning autism (HFA). While neither AS nor HFA have universally accepted definitions,[9] most diagnostic manuals distinguish the two according to speech development. Delayed speech indicates HFA; normal onset of speech indicates Asperger's.[7] However, at least one diagnostic guide takes the opposite position; that delayed onset of speech favors a diagnosis of AS.[10]

Some clinicians deny that AS is differentiated from other autistic spectrum disorders at all.[weasel words] Instead they refer to Asperger's as HFA, or treat the diagnoses interchangeably, arguing that language delay is a difference in degree and not kind.[11][5] Various tests have shown no significant difference between patients diagnosed with AS and those diagnosed with HFA.[12] Even among those who feel that the differences between AS and HFA are significant, it is common for diagnoses to be influenced by non-technical issues, such as availability of government benefits for one condition but not the other.[13][14] Due to the mixed nature of its effects, and continued debate over its definition, Asperger's remains controversial among researchers, clinicians, and people with the diagnosis.

I'm so confused. Eric's delay in speech to me is significant, however he IS talking and communicating with me and I know what he is trying to say 95% of the time (or at least can translate that di did id didii di means he's happy, excited, some good feeling) although his syntax and sentence structure is usually incorrect. His canned answer to any question that isn't about trains, or other wheeled objects, is "I can't say it" which really translates to "I don't understand what you're asking me." So what is the definition of significant delay? Anyone have an opinion on this?

Woo Hoo moment: Today we were clicking our heels because we overheard him ask Ryan "What are you going to do with that?" That is the longest, most complete, accurate, and appropriate sentence I've ever heard him say!

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