Calling all Thomas Fans

This is Eric's new favorite site. The above links are pretty impressive.

Eric is so obsessed with Thomas and Friends (trains in general, um anything with wheels but trains would be #1) that EVERYTHING gets reference back to some episode stored in his memory or a train book. For example, today when we were reading books, I would read a line and he would say "Just like Bertie said" and then in another book the little boy's name was Edward and Eric says, "Edward is an engine." It totally fascinates me. (He is sitting in my lap watching me type and he said - "Hey there's Edward, and there's Edward word again."

OK now I have him occupied counting the water bottles under the desk so I can quickly wrap this up. (They are so neatly lined up along my desk's edge...)

Eric has recently had an aversion to playing with Playdoh. He hated it when we first introduced it to him at 2. Well he loved watching ME play with playdoh but wouldn't touch it (btw - we have 12 water bottles). Then we got him to play with it and enjoy it with cookie cutters and now all of a sudden he doesn't want to play with anymore. So I got creative and found a set of letter and number "playdoh stamps" and now he has a rekindled love affair with the squishy stuff.

Tomorrow we are going to try floam for the first time.

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mcewen (visit their site)

We have been fighting with playdough for as long as I can remember! We have the sensory stuff and the poor fine motor, the tactile.....the list goes on and on....but yesterday [strangely enough] they all played with play dough, reasonably willingly for more than 20 minutes - so that's approximately four and half years later!
Hang on in there dearie.
Best wishes

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Floamy Floam Floam! I'll be interested in hearing how he does with that stuff. The commercials make it look cool.

Those Thomas videos where mondo-crazy! Shield my eyes... the sleeping engineer awaketh.

Anonymous (visit their site)


Anonymous (visit their site)