Playdoh is put away

This is what my children love to do with Playdoh. It still develops fine motor skills to get it in those holes though, right?

At least the Younger will actually play with it....

...but he must wear sweatpants in 100 degree weather.

After reading one of the blogs on my reader, I was reminded of an incident that happened earlier this week and I can't believe I forgot to blog on it. First of all some background: when we went to Dallas last month, one of our roommates kept using words to describe bodily functions and parts that we have never used with him. For example, the word "butt." He told her, "that's not my butt, that's my bottom." But I guess it was one of those words that stuck in his mind for later use (Probably not what you're thinking). Last week we went to the Court South Beach and stayed all day and I took home 2 little brown babies. So when T came home I was showing him the kids' tan lines and I said "Look at his white butt!" Eric responds, "Butt? Butt's a word?" "Yes it is," i regretfully say. His face lit up, "Butt is a word...just like Bubble Scrubber!"

I'm still trying to figure that one out.

So today must be Butt Blog Day. Terry has joined in to celebrate!

2 Responses to "Playdoh is put away"

mcewen (visit their site)

I'm still trying to work out any number of different conundrums too! Sometimes they make my brain hurt.

kristi (visit their site)

HA! Too funny!