Do Re Mi...

We went to the local ASA chapter newcomer class called "My child was diagnosed with Autism...what next?" or something to that effect (boy my mind recalls only in paraphrases these days).

Anyhoo, we brought grandma and I think it was the best decision I made to have us all go there. I even had an appointment with a new customer that I canceled (That's a no no in business huh?) to make it to this class (our God, Family, Career policy slapped me in the face on this situation, so I knew I wouldn't regret it). It was amazingly informative and I was introduced to recreational therapy and music therapy. Both of which I think the Elder would soar with. The only positive thing one of his teachers yesterday said about Eric was that he did well in Music class. Hmmmmmm. He is THE baby einstein prince when it comes to classical music and recognition. I have an electric piano with a DEMO mode and there is one classical song that I have no idea the name of it, but Eric can anticipate each section of the song where it is slow, when it is fast, when it ends, and then what song comes next on the track. Anyhoo, I know he wil benefit from Music Therapy, but just like everything else you need a bottomless pit of $$$. So we are going to try to fight for it at his evaluation on Tuesday to be included in his IEP.

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