The wheels on the bus go...zzzzzzzzzzzzz

School is back in session after the fall break and Eric started riding the bus home this week. It was a weird transition for me. At 10:30 I felt like I needed to be leaving to go get him and then the agony of waiting for the bus to arrive was torment. I spoke with the bus driver late last week just to confirm everything and she quoted an ETA of about 11:35am. Now I understand that everyday is different because not every child is full time like Eric is. Even the little girl in the neighborhood only goes Mon and Wed. But at 11:45 I started to panic. I mean, surely someone would have called me if he was still at the school waiting for me to pick him up, or if the bus was late leaving, or whatever. I sat there with my phone in one hand and the bus drivers number in the other, staring out the window. I hear a "noise" that sounded very bus-like and I expected a yellow thing to round the corner, but it was the lawn people instead. So at 11:50 I broke down and called her. I didn't really know what to say: this is a crazy, panicky mom who's freaking out about inadvertently abandoning her son?

"Hi, this is Eric's Mom (where is my son????). I was expecting him around 11:30, is everything alright?"

I think I sounded calm, I'll have to ask Cris to verify that. They were about 10 minutes away. She said she had a new student to drop off. She seems very nice. Eric was zonked out. I had to board the bus and unbuckle him and carry him inside. It was a little sad that he missed his first bus ride. He did have a full weekend of Halloween events, and I'm sure the extra sugar had nothing to do with it either. =o) Oh and they accidentally gave him animal cookies in Sunday School - of the gluten variety. I'll have to remember to pack special snacks for church.

Today was the second day and he was awake and actually came out himself after the driver unbuckled him. I think he was very happy and feeling like a "big boy."

Backtracking to this weekend, church was a great experience. We started going to the early service to stay aligned with the military schedule. We've been parking in the back and taking the back door to the gym (which bypasses the nursery and classrooms) and both of them stayed for the entire service for the first time! Terry did have to take them to the bathroom twice because (well, Eric had to pee the first time, and I was afraid that Ryan would pitch a fit to not be included so I sent him as well) Ryan was getting upset because Eric was taking his "papel." Which he wasn't, but Ryan decided to throw things anyway, loudly declaring "mine, mine, mine". He hauled back to throw his (full) sippy cup and you could feel the panic between me and Terry as we look forward to 2 rows of several silver-haired couples. That thing could easily cause a concussion, especially with his larger than life strength. We are trying to de-cup him and that is making the tantrum worse (during the sermon) so we both let go and stopped trying and just sort of hovered our arms around him in ready-mode anticipating the launch. Right when I relaxed thinking he had changed his mind (luckily Terry stayed uptight about it), he threw the cup and Terry tipped it so it didn't land on a head, but it did land on the empty metal seat in front of us and made a beautiful crashing sound (during the sermon) that seems to forever echo in the gym (during the sermon). So I sent them all to the bathroom (which is still in the gym). Sat there alone waiting for my heart to slow down, repeating "I don't need anyone's approval but God's," then trying to get something out of the message (which was the Success Quote). BUT it truly was a great was the first time we didn't have to take them to the nursery in the middle of the service. Next week we will try to bring more things to occupy them. Eric did fabulous. I prepped him before the prayer to be quiet, he didn't cover his ears during the songs, he didn't even complain about being in there (as opposed to playing with the toys in the nursery). I wonder if the casein removal has anything to do with this.

Also, Newsflash, Eric rode a horse BY HIMSELF! Well, there was a lady walking the horse around in a circle but he was solo on its back. Ryan wouldn't even consider it until I got on first. I guess he thought it would be safer, however, he didn't hold on to the saddle the whole time! He has also worn his Halloween costume EVERYDAY since Sunday when he donned it on for the first time for the church's trunk or treat event. Do I really need to tell you what Eric was dressed as?

Pictures to come....

6 Responses to "The wheels on the bus go...zzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Casdok (visit their site)

Well done big boy!!!

Maddy (visit their site)

What a coup for you all both Church and horse. Is that double whammies or what!
Best wishes

Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Joshua and Ryan have the same costume! Can you guess what Millie was...??? Tell Terry (unless Josh through it away) I kept a coke rewards for him. We need to get the kids together soon.

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

What cuties!!! Love the costumes. My little brother was a caveman, but don't tell him I called him that. He was something something "neanderthal man" according to him. He is in a science kick right now.

David (visit their site)

OMG!!! I love the costumes. Unfortunately, my Halloween didn't go as well. I posted an article and some pics on my site. you know the url.

Love the kids for me, and say Hi to T.

Anonymous (visit their site)