All it takes is a shot of...

Like I said in a previous post, if I had know that January was going to be so crazy I would have taken some vitamins. Well, I should be taking vitamins anyway just because.

Well other than picking the BEST WEEK to be away from my family (See The Hub's post), I knew that my trip to Houston was going to be packed and I needed all the energy I could spare. So we took a trip to Sam's Club to get me some Centrum (the kind you only have to take one pill a day - nice). While we were there I cam across Glacial Milk Compete Nutrition. One ounce contains a butt-load of nutrients. One bottle's suggested retail is 40 bucks but at Sam's it was only like 20. Anyhoo, I took a swig of that before I left for the airport and then took the centrum around lunch time and let me tell you. I lasted from 3:45am until 11:30pm with literally no resting - oh wait, I did catnap on the plane for about 10-15 minutes. When I got back to the hotel at the end of the day, I had to shower because of the humidity and the walking around, and laid in bed and STILL had to play a Sudoku game to fall asleep. It had to be almost 1am (EST) by the time I fell asleep. I was way impressed. The next 2 days were just as jammed packed but I didn't have The Shot of Glacial Milk and I did have to hunt down a Starbucks both of those days.

Since being back, I've been so tired but started back on The Shot of GM and have been so impressed with my ability to function. Thursday I was on The Younger Duty at 6:30am but The Gma picked him up around 10. So my plan was to take a nap to catch up from the trip but I got on the computer and started being productive. Wassupwiddat? Then I had a great time with the kids in the afternoon and got ready for my Dream Dinner with my consultants for that night, coming home around 9pm. Then yesterday I was supposed to bring a Non-Sweet snack to my bible study so I couldn't back out of it. Plus I like being able to bring the kids to the nursery they provide at the church to give The AP a break. I got home in time to eat and welcome The Teacher to the house for our monthly meeting. Which again was awesome. (I'll post another on that and I haven't forgotton about the Routine Post I've promised everyone). Then I was late for an appointment with Gwen (Check out her stuff - it was the first time I got to see everything in person and LOVED it all. Gwen, I'll trade you one of your fab scarves for a mascara anyday!). Then it was date night. Originally I just wanted to rent a movie and stay home because I thought that I would be just totally beaten down. Then I called The Hub on the way to Gwen's to see if he wanted to eat out. Then at the restaurant I asked if he wanted to go to the dollar theatre. Unfortunately it was past time to catch anything earlier than 10pm. So we stuck to the original rent-a-movie idea. On the way home, The Hub said he was going to stop at Big Lots and I was like, I want to go to Big Lots too. So I met him there and we stayed there until it closed! By the time we got home (The Hub stopped to get the movie and I went straight home) I came inside and started being being productive again. Crazy I know. When I went to go find The Hub to watch the movie....he had fallen asleep! It was only 10:30, but he had had a pretty rough week (See his post again) and I suppose he needed his rest....

Saturday morning, I slept in but honestly, I wish I had gotten up sooner because I had a lot of stuff I wanted to do today. Anyhoo, I better close this because I'm expecting a customer at 2pm. RUN to your local Sam's Club and grab yourself some of this stuff!

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Marla (visit their site)

You stayed at Big Lots until it closed! that sounds like a great time! :)

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Excuse my naivety, but what is Big Lots?

... and I've gotta find out about this stuff you're taking...

tulipmom (visit their site)

Boy, talk about picking a great time to be away! :)

Jen P (visit their site)


Big Lots is one of those places that buys in bulk and then passes on the savings to the buyer. So we went to get some plastic containers, like The Book suggests, for only 3 or 4 dollars whereas at WalMart or Target it would be 6-8 dollars for the same thing. You can find some good deals but you can also find some crappy things, like you might not want to buy a garden hose there nor a sippy cup unless it was name brand (Playtex etc). I try not to buy anything that doesn't have a name brand. I did get a pack of CUTE gift bags (22 pieces) for only $10!!

Jen P (visit their site)


I meant to post the link to the it is:

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Thanks Jen!