Thanks to Tulipmom for awarding me a "chaste kiss given to say thank you for friendships and comments in the blogosphere." Highly ironic as I feel like I have been quite elusive these days in the blogosphere. It is nice to know I have not been forgotten! But one thing I wanted to pass on to The Hub is his contribution to her blurb on her post:

Thank you Jen for the award and even more importantly, thank you for sharing your son's and husband's journeys with Aspergers. As I've told you already, there's no question in my mind that your openness about your husband's struggle helped me come to my realization this past week. I will be forever grateful for that.
Need the background info on that? Click here, here, and here.

I know TM reads his blog too which I think is just as revealing and offers a different perspective than just me as the "poor wife" (not looking for sympathy with that one, anyone who is in our situation knows that at some point(s) you feel that way and wonder why me, but I can argue just as well that I am a very rich wife). TM, I'm so grateful for you too!! Here's 10 points coming your way!

If you haven't read The Hub's blog yet, then you don't follow links very well as I think I link to him constantly if it isn't a race report or too graphic take a moment to pop over and visit him. I think he is highly entertaining. I learn a lot from his blog...like how he liked POT enough to buy it but might now be regretting it...

I have a hard time giving out awards because I love everyone sooooo much (see my blogroll) and I cherish every comment that I get. And since I know that not every blog I read is in my blogroll, here's my chance to get to add you to it! So I guess everyone who comments to this post (well the good comments, that is) gets a big fat juicy one from me and I'll make it official in a subsequent post for you to pass on to your loved ones in the blogosphere.

2 Responses to "♦XOXOXOXO♦"

Marla (visit their site)

Checked out your husbands blog. He has been writing for quite some time. My husband has one but rarely, if ever posts. I wish he would because he is a great writer. Oh, well.

Congrats on your award!

Elissa - Managing Autism (visit their site)

Congrats on the award! Most deserving!!