OTs in the family and our crazy day

My cousin, Carina, and her husband, Eugene, both live in Florida and are both OTs and I would love for them to post comments to this post with any explanation, suggestions, stories from the patients, etc. I just got off the phone with Carina and we were laughing at how entertaining aspies really are. Like yesterday Eric & Ryan went to the training center with me and I brought some DVDs and Eric's L-Max. I let them sit in the back room while me and another director were decorating the center for the Awards Night event last night. It didn't take long for Ryan to play with the door, open and shut, open and shut, walk out to the front room, pull at the string lights, unscrew the lights on the strings, drop snacks all over the floor - you know the usually 2 year old busy busy stuff. Well I went to check on Eric and I peeked in the door and he had the DVD player on, playing his Lmax, and walking around in a circle. It was hilarious. When I asked him what he was doing he looked up and said, I'm playing with my Lmax. So adorable.

Well today was a busy day and it was too crazy for me not to capture it in prose. First of all, yesterday afternoon, Ryan inadvertently nailed me in the right eye out of frustration with a toy. It was a pretty close range shot too. I'm so grateful we have the best concealer on earth since I was emceeing our Awards Night last night. Anyhoo, I had a huge headache and my vision in the eye was a little blurry so I thought it might be smart to try to see the eye doctor. When I woke up this morning, my head on the right side felt like I had a second head it felt so big. So I stayed in bed (listening to voicecom so I could keep my eyes shut) until Terry went to work. Then I got up and checked my schedule for the day and such and as soon as it hit 9am I called the Eye Doctor and they said come right now. So I jumped out my pjs and washed my face, no eye makeup because I knew my eyes would water and headed over. I really didn't think it would take very long but the doc saw me and decided that he wanted to dilate my eyes (which takes forever because they are so dark) and I had a facial scheduled at my house at 11am. So I'm sitting in the chair in the dark waiting for my eyes to dilate and I text a customer and book a facial and then I get a phone call and I go ahead and answer it. It was our food delivery people who were scheduled to come between 2-6 and they want to know can they come now. Sure why not there's someone at the house and the COD check was already written and ready and I should be back in time to sign the paperwork since I had an appt at 11am right? Well at 11am I was still at the eye doctor. I'm driving home thinking no one in their right mind would purposely schedule themselves this tight, but I did and I'm not going bonkers - yet. I pull up and the food guys are done and at the end of the driveway with the papers, I sign sign and sign and notice my 11am appt was late as I was so I ran in the house and put eye make up on and with the last stroke of mascara the doorbell rings! It was like MAGIC.

Well her kids and my kids had a hay day play date with Cris and I begin my appt. I went to heat up her face cloth and Eric comes running in limping and crying. So I run in there and lay him on the couch and elevate his leg and put some ice on it and sat there to cheer him until he calmed down. My customer says, is there anything I can do? (she is sooo sweet) and I said, "yes, your face cloth is in the microwave, you can wipe off your cleanser now." Ha ha. So Eric was fine - I think he might be sore later, his knee was a little swollen, maybe from landing on it wrong, didn't get a straight answer from anyone as to what really happened.

So I finish my appointment and she is gathering her kids, and I'm filing her paperwork and payment when I hear a CRASH! and then Ryan screaming. His chair had fallen backwards from the table (he kicked it) and he was still strapped in his booster seat! So I rush to him and unbuckle him and made sure his neck was ok and then I scooped him up saying it's ok it's ok and Cris's eyes got as big as golf balls and she said no its not. He had busted his head open, and I then make the announcement, OK Shoes and Socks we're going to the hospital. I don't even remember my customer leaving! So here I am dilated eyes and all driving to Children's Hospital having ZERO to eat since last night and the kids hadn't had lunch yet and it is 12:45pm. So I call Terry and say "I'm hungry and kids are hungry can you get us some food and meet us at the Emergency Room." Great introduction to trauma huh?

Anyhoo, we got there, went through triage and came into the waiting room and I took literally 2 bites of food and they called us back (why did I not bring my food with me???). We were there for an hour before they gave him his stitches but thank goodness Terry works close by because he was able to stay and was able to help another grown man hold our 2 year old down. I couldn't have done it physically nor emotionally. Of course in the end he gets a popsicle and he's grinning from ear to ear. I asked him if he liked this place. He said "yeah." Would you like to come back? "Yeah." Those popsicles are trickery!

We came home around 3:30pm. I talked to my sister all the way home, then Carina called, then my customer called to check in on Ryan (she is soooo sweet) and then I typed this up and now it's 6pm. So now I realize I still haven't eaten much so ta ta!

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PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Terry and say "I'm hungry and kids are hungry can you get us some food and meet us at the Emergency Room."

You didn't mention that you started off saying: "I just want to let you know that everyone is okay, but..."

Ryan was very active in the ER waiting room, climbing on everything and when me and the other dude had to hold him down, we had to HOLD him down. I don't think that he could have done it by himself.