Back from Dallas

We flew to Dallas last week and the kids did fantastic!!! The plane engines didn't bother Eric's ears like I thought it might but he still put his fingers in his ears. He was afraid of crossing the crack between the plane and the skyway and he wouldn't descend the stairs. But all in all nothing major. They both were sooooooo excited about flying in an airplane. And Eric rode the moving sidewalk and loved it. I was surprised but Cris hopped on thinking Eric would too because that is what Ryan does, but Eric stopped in fear and Cris pulled/dragged him onto the sidewalk so he didn't get left behind - thank goodness! That might have been disastrous if we were all stuck on the moving sidewalk and left Eric standing in fear alone - you know how long those sidewalks are!

The ah-ha moment we found with Eric this week was with his button hole fear - He wouldn't even hug Terry until he took his tux shirt off, and as soon as he did he said, "Daddy I can hug you now!" Then again in the airport on the way home he was complaining of being cold and I didn't have a blanket so i took off my jacket (kind of a lightweight cotton button up jacket) to warm him up and he wouldn't accept it so I put it on because it was indeed cold and told Eric I would just hold him to keep him warm and he wouldn't let me do that until I took the jacket off. He was willing to freeze (and he was literally shivering) over being near my button holes. HOWEVER he doesn't seem to mind single buttons. He will play with a book that has a big button and he will button and unbutton it with no problems. And he will wear pants with a button and zipper (haven't tried a button fly but I don't think they makes those in 3T) - we will continue to test this.

We got the paper work to fill out for Child Find to get him into a new therapy group and I had just left unchecked the "excessive reactions to changes in routine" because although he would question the change and seemed bothered by it, he never really had full blown out tantrums. Well yesterday I switched the lids on the sippy cups and he about had a cow yelling, "That's not right! That's not right!" He refused to drink from it and threw it across the room and when I didn't react he picked it up again and threw it again and then a third time. Dr A suggested that his recovery time needs to be between 5-10 minutes and if he is agitated longer than that then it is counterproductive and it had been a few minutes already so I gave both sippy cups to Ryan who could care less which lid was on which cup and let Eric cry in my lap until he calmed down. So I started a conversation with Ryan and he said "Thomas DVD" and Eric bursted out laughing in a big belly laugh. So recovery was quick especially when Thomas entered the conversation.

Oh and this is what else I found out in Dallas....Ryan gets home sick!!! The 2nd day we were there he would say "back...home...please" with his little lower lip pouting out. It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time.

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