Bloggers Rule and Aspie Quiz Results

I'm not sure why Google doesn't come up with blogspots on their searches. I have been googling for a month and haven't found nearly the amount of information on those sites as I have in the last couple of days from bloggers. (Then I discovered BlogSearch - if you haven't guessed it already, I'm new to this blogging concept). Anyhoo, today I got the most out of Joey's Mom site. I guess because I'm visual and the YouTube really got to me. Thank you! I laughed and I cried and then I starting thinking back - have I shed a tear at all about this? I don't think I have. I'm always around people - some who know and some who don't and I'm the leader of a group of women who thrive on my positivity (you're probably thinking, you gotta be kidding me) OR I'm with my kids - no wonder I'm an emotional mess! I am beginning to understand that it is ok and I'm going to be ok and they are going to be ok and everything is going to be OK. And tho it is a transition, I will eventually be on the other side. Being able to relate to other moms has hastened the process (there aren't too many in this area, er, I guess I should say I'm not aware of many). The lonely feeling is lessening everyday!

I have been clicking on links from different blogs and adding them to my reader and am very excited about what I can learn from everyone's experiences. Any comments you can leave will also help my extended family understand and increase their awareness.

On the other topic, my hub and I both did the Aspie Quiz on WrongPlanet and I scored as an NT with some aspie traits (personally, I think it is from my underlying ocd tendencies) and he scored some aspie and some neurotypical traits (126 and 97 respectively - can't remember my numerical scores). I think it said there must be a 35 point spread to be an aspie for that quiz, so he missed that by 6 points. He said for many of the questions he saw how he used to do, feel, act in those ways but not anymore. We both agreed that was correct since he has been through some "therapy" since the kids came along. That's free Occupational Therapy - you have to deal with odd smells, textures, flailing hands in your face, etc. Plus I am pretty outspoken and when he would do something that would tick me or hurt my feelings I would tell him, so that increased his awareness of how to "act" and what to say in certain situations. We've been married for 11 years so I guess that was his "speech therapy." And he said being a part of a fraternity really helped his social skills when he was in college and grad school. I made the observation that he is really high functioning and very well adapted EXCEPT when he is tired, stressed, or focused. Makes sense. Well I encouraged him to take it again when he didn't have me hovering over his shoulder.

Additionally, Eric wanted the Love Sac fluffed (they are wonderful!) and Terry agreed IF he put his finger in one of the holes (I think they are supposed to be vents - he has a terrible fear of them and will not go near the love sac unless the holes are unseen, in other words toward the carpet, which doesn't make them very effective vents, huh?). Anyhoo, he did it! Terry said he wasn't happy about it and it was the quickest poke in the world BUT he did it!!

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Joeymom (visit their site)

Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Thank you for coming by and leaving a message. It let me find your site. :)

I'll be looking forward to reading more about Eric- and you!

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Bloggers do rule! Here's a link to a girl about my age that talks about her Aspergers. Alot of what she says is very close to what I think about some things. She's more AS than me, but there are alot commonalities...

kristi (visit their site)

I too have learned so much from other bloggers!