My lil GPS

Today was such a fun day and soooo what I needed. I got out of the house (yay) and took the kids and Cris to the Court South Beach. It's not a real beach - a chlorine beach. A 16,000 sqft pool with fountains and mushroom shower and sloping "shoreline." We arrived there at 11am and stayed til almost 3 and it was a perfect day - not as hot as it had been (yesterday was 98) and it was partly cloudy which gave us some relief from the sun at times. I did bring my laptop so I could work and I did finish 5 of my 6 most important things to do today before I got into the pool. The 6th was to read a chapter in my book, but I can't read when 80's music is blaring across the beach. I start singing along with nostalgia and totally unfocused on the book! So I'll leave that for later tonight. Anyhoo, it was a perfectly balanced day (since lately I have been so roller coastery with my business and family). I was able to work, then play with my kids, then check my email, then get a tan, then approve a flyer for print for a Bridal Show I'm doing this weekend! I sent a detailed email to my assistant who showed up to an empty house today and when I got home all of that was done!

Ok so what does all of that have to do with a GPS? Nothing...except that we were on our way home from the beach and Cris stayed in the back of the van to feed them while we headed home (about a 25 min drive). We were chit chatting through the rear view mirror when Eric blurts out, "Mommy, our house is that way!" and sure enough I had cruised right past our exit! I didn't even realize it. He was even watching Thomas on the DVD player! It was amazing.

It reminded me of two other occasions when he exhibited this talent. We were going to ChikfilA (before we went gluten free) and I got into the wrong lane, so I had to turn right so that I could turn around and Eric threw a fit and hysterically directed, "we gotta go to chikalay! You're going the wrong way! Chikalay is that way! wah wah wah." He was 3 1/2 years old when that happened.

The other time was last weekend which REALLY impressed me. We went to the quad cities in Iowa/Illinois to visit Terry's side of the family for Great Gma's 80's birthday. When we came in to town from the interstate, I was spouting off directions to the hotel and we safely got there. After that we stayed in the hotel the rest of that evening after an exhausting 10 hour drive. The next morning we walked to the John Deere Museum (nice pix) and then we drove over the mississippi river to the Iowa side. All that is to say is that we never repeated a driving route. When we came back to the hotel after the party, we were looking for a Wal-Mart and we were all over the place and found ourselves heading back to Chicago - whoops. We turned around and found a Walmart on google maps that was on 4th ave, the same avenue as our hotel but in the opposite direction. So as we turned around to head back to Moline, we came to the 4th avenue intersection off the interstate and proceeded to turn right. Eric speaks up, "No Daddy that's the wrong way! My L-Max is THAT way! In the Hotel! Gotta turn around!" I was so amazed that he was so aware of the surroundings outside the of the car from his car seat nonetheless, AND the DVD player on to boot! (it was only on the first time we went through there, I think. I can't imagine why we would have brought it to the party).

Anyhoo, I'm sure this talent will come in handy in the future.

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