A day at the beach

We spent the day at the Court South beach yesterday. I didn't work that much even though I brought my computer just in case. I spent the whole time in the pool or eating. Nice...it was like a mini vacation. The motivation was that the Beach closes for the off season after Labor Day and I thought that we ought to take the kids just in case we didn't make it over the weekend.

It was great to see the progression in Eric's social skills. Last time we were there, Eric wanted to play with this Dad and his little boy so bad but of course didn't know how to approach them. Well verbally that is. He had no qualms and approaching them physically - I mean to the point of getting in between them. I'm trying to get Eric's attention and apologizing to the dad. But i explained to Eric, if you want to play with them, then go introduce yourself, say, "Hi my name is Eric" (It was pointed out to me that AS kids will start doing that to everyone - even the ones you don't want them to - so I'll have to change that strategy.) He still wasn't comfortable even though I had given him the words to use, so I went up to the little boy and introduced them. What was hilarious was that he didn't want to play with the little boy. He wanted to play with the dad!!

So fast forward a few weeks to yesterday. There was a little boy there with his parents that Eric seemed to be interested in playing with and it was cute because they were swimming together. So I asked Eric, if he introduced himself, and he turned to the parents and said, Hi my name is Eric. Then the rest of the time played with the boy's parents! It was a riot.

I must say I am sooooo proud of Eric. We got him some water goggles on clearance at Walmart the other day (with Spongebob on them). Eric loves them (Ryan hates them). They are magic goggles! They gave him the confidence to "dive" and he is swimming (with water wings), but he gets in the #4 pool (4ft area of the pool - not the #1 pool or the #2 or #3 pool - those are for babies you know...) and will kick his legs and put his head under the water and SWIM! I don't know who taught him how to hold his breath that long (or even the concept of holding your breath underwater). I guess he learned it from tub time. But anyhoo, I had to take the goggles away near the 3rd hour because he was getting reverse raccoon marks. Yes, the white butts have also been exaggerated.

2 Responses to "A day at the beach"

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Now that he is riding a bike and swimming, I'll have to see what the minimum age is for kid's triathlons...

Now we just have to get Ryan to wear his magic goggles... but then again he is only 2

David (visit their site)

Excellent story. Glad to hear that Eric is taking so well to the water. William is still so apprehensive. He just doesn't trust his water wings enough, so he hangs on to me (or the wall) for dear life.