ASA mania

I did finally hear back from the local ASA chapter last week. By that point though, I had discovered that the ASA was meeting at Earthfare last Monday for some biomedical meeting. I had no idea what that meant or what that was or if it pertained to us or even if I agreed or disagreed with the concept, but I decided that being around others who might be able to give me some insight on anything was better than sitting at home learning nothing. So we made plans to go.

To my surprise, the biomedical meeting was being held somewhere else and a whole bunch of parents showed up for the regular meeting. Of the 8 parents there, 5 of us had children with Aspergers and the "veteran" mom there said that was the first meeting that she had ever been to with that many AS moms in the room, assuring me that God had plans for me to be comforted that night. And I concur. I had never felt so relieved in my life to be around people who spoke the same language and much more fluently than I!! They were soooo helpful and sooo unassuming that I understood anything and took the time to explain anything that the lay person wouldn't understand. It was amazing. I'm just sad they only meet once a month...

And I still don't understand the biomedical thingy.

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PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

The Biomedical thing, as I see it is an approach such as medicines, chelating techniques, diet, etc that help control autism. Kind of like Macgyvering the brain back together... except without duct tape and paper clips.