New Goals for Labor Day

By Labor Day I plan to get my life back (after one more trip to the CS Beach). My goal is to wake up in the morning and KNOW what I'm going to do that day, as opposed to what I HAVE to do plus all the little reactionary requirements of the day. I'm going to whip out a fresh weekly plan sheet template and fill out my ideal week (starting tomorrow, tee hee) and then, get this, I'm going to STICK to it! Ideally that is. Seriously, I've been in a reactionary funk and I'm ready to rise above and dust off my executive function (I loved that, mcewen!). I've been waiting for school to start so that I could have some structure and now that school has started, I don't know what to do with the extra time! Hmmmm, maybe I should WORK! You know, make some of that money thing that pays bills??? I think I have tracked my business a whole 2 times this month. It's been an average month, but I do have an ABOVE AVERAGE assistant. Much much love going out to you D!!!!! Without you, I'd be floating around without water wings and magic goggles.

3 Responses to "New Goals for Labor Day"

mcewen (visit their site)

Ooer, wasn't expecting to see that. I need to get my act together too. I seem to have been saying for two months now.....'as soon as they go back to school, then I'll......"


Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Yeah, me too. Both of my children are in bed and so I came down to the office to clean up and get organized- and what am I doing- reading your blog! (and my blog, and doing everything I can think of until I can say, I'm tired now and go off to bed) BUT you have inspired me. I am not going to bed until I have sorted my desk (and the floor behind it) and have my plan of action for tomorrow. Is it Saturday pool time yet?

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Now it's time for your Super Editor Ninja Skillz to shine. There is some markings in your WPS, it's time to commit to some of them, doesn't have to be what I put in there, but you need to commit. The great thing is that it can be changed and adjusted... and it's not the end of the world.
[handing you the pen] Go for it girl!