Can't Undo Delete, but...

Well, I cleared everything off my camera's SD card (after uploading it all to the computer - whew!) but I loved having these videos handy on my camera to watch whenever I wanted to. So I'm hoping that if I blogged on them I would be able to get them on my phone via mobile Picasa, so let's see if that works....

This video was taken in the car on the way to Iowa (see post for cute story on that trip). If you can't hear what he is singing along to, it is Schoolhouse Rock's "Interjections"

This one just makes me laugh.

This one just makes Ryan laugh. (and Eric though he didn't want to admit it)

(Coming Soon - looking for a way to get it under 100MB. Any ideas?)

10-6-07: was able to compress it using none other than Windows Movie Maker which comes free with XP and Vista! Oh, and you can't see the videos on Mobile Picasa. bummer. =o(

"Tee Hee"
"I can't like it! Go back to Thomas videos!"

By the way, you can't upload these directly from Picasa to Blogger, I had to do it straight from Blogger. Would be nice to have that feature in Picasa, huh?

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