Ooh & Aah

If you have a preschooler who LOVES Playhouse Disney then you'll understand the title of this post. Eric's usual favorite sites these days is curious george and nick jr, but he's been visiting playhouse Disney more recently, I'm not exactly sure why. But he plays this one activity called Fetch a Fruit:It's like a fancy connect the dots game except you draw a "vine" through the fruit and then one of the monkeys will climb the vine and collect the fruit. What makes it so funny to watch Eric do it, is that this is what his vine looks like:
And he has those poor monkeys climbing all over the place-even off the screen (I recreated these scenes for screen capturing purposes). It is pretty humorous to watch. Eric doesn't even crack a smile! I invite you to try the activity yourself here.

The second funny part, which I wish I had on video, was he went to click on the Stories link (see first screen shot on the left panel). I said, "oh, are we going to read stories now?"

"There's just one. Not 2, not 5, and not 20."
(with the corresponding finger gestures, except for he just held up 10 fingers for 20)

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