Happy Birthday Terry!

Terry is the big triple dozen today which mean according to William Tell Mom he is no longer grounded! We are going camping tonight and will be back tomorrow after Terry's race. Wish us luck as it is the first time going with the kids!

On our stroll to the neighborhood park on Wednesday, I asked the kids what they wanted to get Daddy for his birthday. The first response was actually, "a cake? a Thomas Cake just like me? at MY party?" Which is funny because he didn't have a Thomas cake, but that is beside the point. So I said, "Well, cake is a tradition so he'd get that anyway, what kind of gift would you like to give him for his birthday?"

"How 'bout...(finger in the air)....a new car?"

Well that was an easy one as that afternoon we were scheduled to pick up our 3rd free car. Remember the whole springing things on them...I didn't tell them until that morning that we were going to get it that day, even though we finished qualifying for it on June 30th. Ryan took the transition pretty hard, but then got over it when I let him sit in my lap in the driver's seat while the dealership rep went over the features. Now he makes sure that everyone knows about his excitement. "new cah, new cah, new cah."

So Happy Birthday, Terry! Here's your new car (except I'm going to drive it, ok?).

3 Responses to "Happy Birthday Terry!"

Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Fancy- congrats on the car!

Happy Birthday Terry- enjoy the camping trip!

David (visit their site)

Hey! Congrats on the car!!! I'll head over to Terry's and wish him a happy b-day!

Susan (visit their site)

Beautiful photo - albeit this comment is way late.