Our lil addict

"Chips, mommy."
"Be careful those are spicy."
"I like spicy"

"I'm firsty."

"Mommy, it's good daddy joose."
"Save some for daddy."
"Tehwy, want some daddy joose?... Tehwy! ...No?"

Yes, the Younger is growing up too fast! Not only is his speech coming right along, but his taste buds are maturing too! Diet Coke and Black Pepper crackers?? My my. I nearly fell out of my seat though when he called out to his dad by his name! Terry was in the basement so of course he couldn't hear him. Ryan called out to him several times when he finally said "No?" and then he continued to finish off the can!

It's amazing what you'll let your second-born get away with as far as diet goes (and I suppose a lot of other things too). His caffeine addiction started in utero. I never drank coffee (other than in college) until after I stopped nursing Eric at 11 months old. And when we found out we were having Ryan I just could not kick the habit. I took the "2-3 cups of coffee a day is fine" from my OB quite literally and I think I've had 2-3 cups a day ever since. We knew that Ry was an addict the first time he drank some of my coffee and then went and took a nap - completely unaffected!

2 Responses to "Our lil addict"

Bonnie Arnwine (visit their site)

I did 2-3 cups with the second kiddo and she loves diet coke too!

mcewen (visit their site)

Yup, when I think of the torture I put my first [now 26 year old] through - sugar free, organic, whole everything. Now replaced by a far hole filled campaign.!