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Today was a fun day with the boys. I usually work until the afternoon but I had the privilege to be with them all morning. A couple of hilarious stories.

Story #1
The first one I actually got snap shots of. I sent Eric into his room to change out of his PJs. He was absorbed in his L-max so I walked in there and asked him to pause his game, take off his Pjs, and put on his clothes. "OOoooooh!"

"These are pants?" He's been all questions lately.
"Yes, put them on."
All I could hear was giggling so I came in and this is what I found:

His response was "I fink this is wrong."

There that's better!

Story #2a
It was time for a snack so we headed to the kitchen and I pulled the box down. It was pretty lean but tonight is grocery night so it will be replenished. Eric grabs an applesauce and Ryan is having a hissy because none of his favorite things are left - "joose snack"
Eric grabs another applesauce and offers it to Ryan,

"Ryan, want applesauce?"
"No" (imagine that in a 2-year old curt, angry voice)
"I fink I'll just eat two."

Story #2b
Ryan finally decides on applesauce and he starts by taking gi-normous scoops out of the cup. He managed to get it all in his mouth except for a little glob on the bottom of the spoon that fell in his lap, so I got a napkin and put it in his lap (actually HE took it, unfolded it, made sure it was completely open, and angled completely square with his lap.) The next bite scoop, there was another casualty and he looked panick-stricken, akin to how Eric looks just before he freaks out and starts waving his arms - with the spoon (with food) still in his hand. So to avoid having to wipe applesauce off the ceiling, in two seconds I simultaneously went for the spoon and licked the napkin to get it clean (the things we do for our kids). The next bite he put a little less applesauce on the spoon AND held the opposite hand underneath to catch anything that fell. So cute. I told him,

"That was a good idea to take a smaller bite."
"small bite?" as he fills his spoon about halfway "dis small bite?"
"Yes it is. You are so smart."
"You smart too."

It's great to be affirmed.

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