This is one of those activities that was sent from heaven above. They get focused, quiet, play together nicely, and work those fine motor skills all in a 30 minute time frame!

We have have had a sticker folder for who knows how long and we just keep using it each time for sticker time. Uncle Chris sends those address labels you get for free every month just for them to peel and stick on the folder!

Now they have their own way with stickers, or stickies as the Younger calls them. Eric likes to peel them off and put them all in one area on the folder leaving bald spots and Ryan will tend to place them in the bald spots.

Today was different, Eric was still putting the stickers on top of each other but he was a little more artistic today. He used larger Transformers stickers first and then used tiny Easter eggs, flowers, bunnies, chicks, etc. stickers to put on top of the transformer ones, BUT staying within the larger sticker's boundaries. I was really impressed. That is what he is doing in the pictures in the corner closest to him.

Ryan branched out today too by putting Uncle Chris's address all over the front of his T-shirt! No, we didn't ship him away...

Anyhoo, this is again a heaven-sent half hour. Not for their benefit, but for mine because I get to sit back and watch them in amazement of how wonderfully made they are and how incredibly blessed I am to have two beautiful, too smart for their own good, sweet sweet boys.

At least for a half hour anyways.

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