What's all the talk?

Today was a fun day with the boys. I again got to spend pretty much the whole day with them and it is just amazing how well they are talking. I have noticed that Ryan has taught Eric a lot of phrases (and Eric has taught Ryan a lot of behaviors, hmmmm...) and it is so cute to hear the Elder echo the Younger.

Some of the things that have sunk in this week for Eric. To ask to use the computer. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day that would happen without me having to duck to avoid a shoe, or spoon, or whatever he could get his hands on at the moment, when I would have to say no. Or quickly remove the laptop from in front of him (or vice-versa) to keep him from beating the keyboard to death. I mean to hear "mommy, caniplay on lour computer please?" wants me to let him use it every time he asks and so far I have. He does have his own logon name on my laptop, so he knows he has to "Switch User" and get to his screen before he can play (which he can do independently). He used to have a Thomas Wallpaper but has moved over to Curious George and on his 2nd CG scene since I showed him how to change the wallpaper that one time. He also has a bunch of Internet Explorer links (which is how I know he is on his screen in a quick glance because I use Firefox) on his desktop that only HE knows where they link to, because to the layman, the links look like they link to some site called "lksjdh ;uh;fjzsdj ohg;oshdogi," ";shtuwaotuSDjf;o'rg" and ";ish;oahrjgJ dng;ahr'goi." plus some other sites too that speak a similar language.

Well, today our internet is down so I was planning on using my broadband card, but in an attempt to stake claim to my computer I told him it was down, and he proceeded to hover over the network icon in the systray with the mouse, saying, "No, we have 5 bars!" He was ok with playing Purble Place for a while which is on my hard drive.

During that, the Younger awakens from his nap and comes running to me with arms up, saying, "Hold you." So I pick him up so he can he what Eric is playing on the computer. "Sit down stead." So I let him share the barstool with his brother. When Eric finished and won his game, I cheered for him. Ryan then put his right arm around Eric's shoulders and his left hand on Eric's left arm and gave him a squeeze and said,"Good job, eh-kick!" just like a proud dad would do to his graduating son. Of course this is also the same kid that 10 minutes later when we put Little Einsteins in the DVD player tell me to "Go away" as I go to kiss him good-bye. Hmmmm.. where'd he learn that from, eh-kick?

We are trying to potty training Ryan (not very hard as he is still in diapers - he hates trainers). But every night after tubtime we let him run around nakey until he pees (yes, our carpet is sad). And then we tell him that feeling is pee pee and when he feels that he needs to sit on his potty. Last night he was in our room and ran ALL the way to his room (which isn't far but when your legs are only 12 inches long I guess it is) and sat on the potty without prompting and he made pee pee!!!

Because I've been spending a lot of time with the boys lately, Ryan has gotten a little clingier than normal. Tonight he used his body as a barricade to my car and wouldn't let me get in and I was already like 5 minutes late for a meeting. And when I did get in he tried to open the back seat door. When I pull out of the garage waving to him, he was giving me the "fake pout." Cris and I each had to cover our mouths to laugh. It's funny how I don't get too wound up about this separation anxiety. I guess because Eric never had it, and I had lived through the stress of it vicariously through the other preschool moms whose children in Eric's class were screaming death cries when they got dropped off. And then again learned the lesson right along with them that they are just fine. (I think I cried more because Eric didn't cry when I dropped him off)

Anyhoo, the meeting was canceled so I came home in less than a half hour and I thought I would surprise him. They were both in the tub and when I got there they became wired. We let Ryan do the nakey dance (no pictures were taken to protect the embarrassment at his future wedding reception) and they were running up and down the halls getting us "food." TWICE Ryan stopped what he was doing to run and sit on the potty and TWICE he would look up at me and say, "s'not working" (stage fright I assume). Shortly after the second try, he peed on the floor. He was very upset about this and started rolling on the floor, saying "I'm sleepy." I mentioned to Cris how it is so odd to hear him talk about his feelings because Eric never told us when he was tired or hungry or thirsty or happy or whatever (at least accurately). But, again, Eric has learned a lot from his baby brother. Like how to pretend play at least with the "serving us food" game. It's cute because Eric's play is a cross between what he sees/hears Ryan do when he is pretending and what he sees/hears us (Me, Terry, & Cris) say when we are actually serving him food.

"Mommy, what do you want? Orange juice or apple juice?"
"Orange Juice"
"That's a good ideeee."
Then he puts his hand tightly over my mouth (as if he is trying keep me from talking) and makes drinking noises.

My boys....growing up...

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David (visit their site)

I was reading this and thinking, "Oh, cool... I can send Eric a bunch of other Curious Greorge wallpapers!!!" And then I got to your gobbledegook links and remembered that the last one was where I got all of the CG wallpapers from.

However, I do have some coloring pdfs you can print.