2nd Day of School

OK it is the second day of school and this morning the Younger was just a pill. He was not happy with anything even if you guessed correctly what he was requesting. Well mainly he wanted Daddy which was fine by me. So I go to get Eric ready for school and I asked him what he wanted to wear to school today...

"The blue shirt and the blue pants."

OK that describes most things in his closet (and his dad's for that matter). So I start pulling things out of the closet...."this one? this one? this one?" Finally I got the right one.

This particular outfit was a STEAL at Wal-mart clearance. I was afraid at first that he wouldn't like the texture of the fabric but for $2 I thought it was worth trying out. It is kinda of a sporty jersey meshy fabric. We like to dress them alike in public so that we can easily spot them when they are in a crowd, or when one runs off (usually the Elder) we can hold up the other kid and ask "have you seen a kid that looks like this?" So we got a set of blue ones for each and a set of green ones too. (Which Cris pointed out is USA and Brazil colors). So long story short. They loved them.

So I take it off the hanger and hand it to him and said ok put them on. Usually it takes a couple of times saying that and me finally coming in to help him. But he got dressed all by himself. Now, he's into this "backwards day" so he wore both the top and the bottoms backwards. I said "Let's turn it around." "No, I want to wear it this way." So I let him. Pick my battles huh? Well....

I go to pick up Eric from school (Hub drops him off - oh, and Ryan fell asleep in the car...I think he might be getting sick). Here comes his teacher. The first thing I noticed was that his clothes were on correctly and I commented on that. I totally got reprimanded (not really she was very professional about it) about allowing him to come to school looking "different" than the other children. "If we want him to mainstream with typical kids, he cannot do anything that will make him stand out. So Think Typical." A paraphrase except for the last sentence. I understand where she is coming from, but something about not wanting him to stand out leaves me a little unsettled. Am I just imagining that? Anyone else have this same or similar experience?

The hilarious thing about the outfit was I thought I would go ahead and dress the Younger in his same outfit so that when I went to pick the Elder up they would match. I grab the top that was left in the closet (remember we consolidated their rooms/clothes/things) and thought, "That looks mighty big for Ry." I look at the tag and it says 4T...which means Eric went to school in Ryan's size 24 months outfit. How did I not notice that??? I guess I was distracted by the whole backwards thing.

On a totally different note, I wanted to post what the Hub did with Movie Maker with the Faces clip. Of course he had to start it when I was "coaching" Eric (See this for the background). But anyhoo, I haven't been able to get him to repeat this. I'm so glad I got it on video!

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