Speaking of Quotes...

First story has nothing to do about nothing but it was cute.
When I went to pick the Elder up from school, I came home a different way and had Hub on the phone coaching me on the route. Well, I missed a turn and so I used the turn by turn navigation service on OnStar for the first time (fun!). Of course WITH the OnStar I still took a wrong turn and the lady said "You are off route" or something like that. Eric was so tickled by the man in my car telling me where to turn and the car beeping everytime I needed to turn. We pull in the garage and I say "Safe and sound, thanks to OnStar" and Eric says, "Thank you!" =o)

"I gotta tell Cris."
"Tell Cris what?"
"That we turn here...then turn the wrong way....then turned and turned and the man got us home."

When we got into the car later this afternoon, he says "I wanna hear the voices and the beeps."
"We only need them when we are lost and we know where the park is."

Now my friend Gwen and I decided to start blogging on quotes that will keep us motivated and inspired called Success Sunday. However Eric is a little quoter all on his own and can be quite motivating himself.

At the park, I am swinging him in the swing and he is quoting numbers and math problems from his NASCAR L-max game, Leap Frog bus, and Leap Frog Math Circus video - all rolled into one coversation. So imagine him in a "video game announcer/game show host" voice.

"What's 15 plus 19?"
"30" (I was testing him to see if he knew the right answer...he didn't)
"That's right! Good job. Nineteen.....What number comes next? Press this button if you need help."
"Which button?"
"Choose the correct symbol. Choose the correct symbol. Choose the correct symbol. Choose the correct symbol. Choose the correct symbol.......Press this button if you need help."
"I don't know."
"You can do it. Try again."

"Eric, What number is bigger, 2 or 5?"
"Five. Two.....plus two......e-pulls what?"
"Good job! You had the right answer! What's One hundred.....minus.....one hundred fifteen?"

I wasn't about to get into a "negative" numbers lesson, so we went home.

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