The Honeymoon's over?

Monday was a funny day. I got home late Sunday night after an 11-hour drive from Florida for a weekend retreat. I got up long enough to get Eric ready for school and then crashed back into bed until about 9ish. Got up to shower and get ready to get Eric and got an "emergency" call from a customer who lost her luggage so I got her stuff together to go deliver it while I was out and headed out the door. On the drive there was a cement mixer truck turned on its side and traffic was backed up about a mile so I turned around and took an alternate route. Seeing that I was going to be late, I put a call out to the school to let them know I'd be late. I finally get on the Parkway and my car dings at me that I have no gas. The needle was literally on E. I didn't know whether to fill up first or get Eric first. I reasoned since they knew I was going to be late I might as well stop for gas. So I did. The receipt didn't come out so I had to go inside for that (what did we do before cell phones and pay at the pump???). When I got to the school it appeared that there was a bus mix-up because the bus was still there and 2 children were still standing next to Eric along with the teachers and aides. Seeing me, the aide starts to walk Eric to the car and I get out and noticed (gasp!) I had NO car seats with me. I had taken them out for the weekend trip and hadn't put them back in! Yikes! So I called the hub and he took an early lunch to bring me a car seat. So I was about 15 minutes late to my delivery and she wasn't there so I just left it by the door and headed home. Eric fell asleep on the drive. As I turned into our neighborhood, Bus #297 was leaving our subdivision! Hey! Isn't that the bus we just saw at the school??? I believe so. And seeing that I'm the only mom who picks him up, I will make arrangements for him to ride the bus with his friends. He is very excited.

So it has been a great experience at school in these first few days in the last week or so and great reports of how well he was doing. That is what I call the honeymoon period, so now his true colors are shining through (I'm on an 80's kick now that I have XM radio for 3 months). The best part is that when Eric came home yesterday, I checked his backpack and his report had one big circle around all of the "Hard" scores for listening, participating, having self-control, etc. Why is that the best part? I didn't get a call from the school asking me to remove him from the program!! As a matter of fact the written part of the report did not reflect anything negative to qualify or quantify the Hard marks.

Next week is Fall Break so there is no school all week. Fortunately we have out of town family coming in to visit for the week too. If we are going to mess up the military schedule, might as well get it all done in the same week! What else can we squeeze in there? How about a shopping trip to the outlet stores!!!! yeah yeah yeah!

3 Responses to "The Honeymoon's over?"

Kara Lovett (visit their site)

I am so glad you were able to find this program for Eric. It sounds like it is going to be able to provide him with the confidence he needs that the other schools/programs cannot do.

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Does not Compute. Eric not getting kicked out of school. DANGER DANGER

Can I throw in a 20+ mile run in the mix? oh and I need to take the car to the shop.

Bonnie Arnwine (visit their site)

Go for it girl, I hope you can find something cute! ;-P