Nothing about Nothing II

Growing up I was told I look like Phoebe Cates - especially in the movie Drop Dead Fred. But that was before kids when I had a thinner face. This was a fun activity suggested by casdok, and I must say... pretty remarkable morph. It also said I looked like some people that I don't who they are and I didn't like what they looked like. I think one was a man???? Anyhoo, it also said that I look like Susanna Hoffs (Walk like an Egyptian!), Jacqueline Bracomontes, and Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman!!) at 60% matching.

I tried it with a different picture and got these results in the collage

Try it, you'll like it....

4 Responses to "Nothing about Nothing II"

Gwendolyn's Gifts (visit their site)

Oh my goodness! I totally had Cher on mine at 71% ! Not good!

Jen P (visit their site)

Yeah, if you could see who I was 78% matched on you would just cry. She was born in 1945. (Hey was Cher born then too?)

I actually look nothing like Sofia EXCEPT in this picture.

Casdok (visit their site)

Fun isnt it!!!

Jen P (visit their site)

We spent way too much time yesterday playing with it! But it was definitely fun. Here is my hub's: