Stickies in lieu of Roads

"What happened?"

That was Eric's reaction yesterday when we went for Outside Play time (promptly at 14:00). We have been in drought in Knoxville (behind 12 inches) so the sidewalk chalk roads and pit stops and railroad tracks and parking spaces for the Little Tykes car and the Bicycle have pretty much been a permanent setup on our driveway. We even had a Chik fil A that served gluten-free chicken nuggets chalked in by the house! However, it poured on Thursday. (I could not find my umbrella because I hadn't used it in so long!! It's my favorite and it is still missing!) Our brown, crunchy grass was happy, but alas, the chalk masterpiece was gone. Back to Square One.

I cannot claim to be a master civil engineer to reconstruct the setup (that's Terry's job) so I gotta think fast.....I was walking back to the house from the mailbox going through it when...AHA! Easter Seals! (er, they were probably Christmas Seals considering the time of year.) So we did stickers.

RE: the reference to Eric's "Pattern" shoes was that he was wearing two different shoes. The Wednesday before when we went outside to play (probably at 2:07pm because we weren't on THE schedule yet), I told them to put on their shoes and he, jokingly, put on the two different shoes. Not fazed by it because at least his feet were covered, I looked at him and said "That makes a nice pattern" (because he's into patterns). So on Friday he said that he wanted to wear his Pattern Shoes which is what you see in the slideshow!
OK, stickers are running out - now what? Oh yeah! We got wooden instruments the other day from the Hot Spot in Target for a motor skill exercise. I forgot! Where did we put them? (Ring Terry) They were so excited about these instruments. Noise makers, clappers, and triangles, oh my! They played with them outside and then again inside the playroom (see clip). They even begged to play with them again this morning.

And yes, he did say "Thomas" when he was playing with the clapper. Uh......ok.

I also updated a past post that I had "Coming Soon" for a video that I was trying to figure out how to compress to be uploadable to blogger. Check out the video here.

2 Responses to "Stickies in lieu of Roads"

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Clap on... clap off. Clap on... Clap off... THOMAS!

The world revolves around trains...

Casdok (visit their site)

Its lovely when our kids are excited about something!