The song's over

Yesterday Eric was "asked to be returned to his mother" during choir practice. I had an idea of why and I used the Sohn/Grayson strategy to find out for sure....

There weren't any dots.

Need inside story on that? Read this and this.

So I asked Eric if I asked Miss N to bring the dots back out would he go back and he agreed so here is my request:

Sorry for the disruption yesterday. I think I was able to help Eric pinpoint what was wrong. He is used to the dots in the circle and when he looked in the room and didn't see them he melted on the floor (I think you saw that). He just started school and I'm not sure if they have been able to work on his flexibility to what level yet because his OT services haven't kicked in, so I wondered if maybe next week you can go back to using the dots. I know how much he loves music and he was ranting "I don't want to sing" "I don't like to sing" "I don't like the songs" "I don't want to go back again" which all of that I knew was untrue, but after several questions and confirmations he agreed to come back if I asked you to have the dots again. Let me know if this is an inappropriate request.
I won't post her response out of privacy. The dots were taken away because they distracted everyone. But a simple explanation to the "typical" kids that the dots had to go away was enough for them. Can't expect Eric to understand that right away.
"He wants to lay down, roll around, scoot out of the circle, etc." this is something that he cannot help right now since he just started OT today. There is something sensory going on within him that he doesn't know how to communicate that is making him do that. Unfortunately I can't guarantee anything from week to week. My presence may help one day and be the source of the problem the next day.
But pretty much he will have to stop going to choir. It is a sad day for mommy.

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Casdok (visit their site)

Poor mommy. It is difficult isnt it.

Bonnie Arnwine (visit their site)

I'm sorry!!!