Where was my camera??

Choir was tonight and in the driveway Eric asks if he could have a snack and I replied that he just had dinner, but if he listened to Miss Nancy today and stayed in the circle, then we would talk about a snack.

He stumbled and stuttered and kept restarting his sentence and then after 3-4 attempts just gave up whatever he was trying to say. "I can't say it." I told him that I was listening and to start again. After a little more stuttering he finally said, "I go to school to sing with Miss Nancy?" "Yes you are?" "With you?" "We'll see. Are you excited about singing with Miss Nancy?" "But the...the little girl...took my yellow dot." "She didn't mean to, but we are getting there early today so that you can pick whichever dot you want!" I see content smiling from the rear-view mirror.

Teacher gracefully told me that maybe I should not volunteer today, which I completely agreed. There were a lot of circumstances last week that could have contributed to his lack of participation and being with the group but I know how it is when me or dad are around. I mean, poor Cris is the only one who can get them to eat at home and thus has inherited the job, because even if we are in the kitchen they will not eat. She is always telling me how they ask for more, and dad and I can't even get them to finish one serving without bribing them with ice cream, and sometimes that doesn't even work!

Anyhoo, we came into the door and he saw all the dots and immediately sat down and claimed his spot. I laughed telling teacher that we came early just for that and she said "I have a closet full of yellow dots!" Keep them handy, is all I can say. I stepped out and heard Eric cry out for me but I followed other moms to the nursery to have an adult conversation. =o) When we came back a half hour later, I couldn't have been beaming brighter with pride when I sneaked a peak in the room. Last week teacher asked if he wanted to be a candle in "this little light of mine" and he hesitated. I could tell that he did. I encouraged him and the stepped back a little so she moved on to another student. Tonight I saw Eric being the candle in the middle of the circle doing his hand motion above his head (the "light") and standing still while the other kids were encircling him, moving in toward him, and then moving back out. He had the biggest expression on his face! I got a little teary. I so wish I hadn't left my camera in the car!

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Kara Lovett (visit their site)

Yeah Eric!

I always enjoy taking a peak at Joshua before he sees me. My favorite is when I get to school during music/drama. It is great seeing them be a person of their own.

PLANET3RRY (visit their site)

Let it shine,
Let it shine,
Let it shine!