Busy Prepositions

It has been a busy day. I left the house at 7am and I'm just now sitting down at my computer at 3pm sans panty hose and pumps. Tomorrow will be busy too. I have a 9am, a 2pm, and then the whole family (The AP included) are going to the Fantasy of Trees in the evening.

I like being busy. It is stressful at times but I always know what I need to be doing and when. When I have nothing scheduled, my mind goes blank to the things I could be doing. By the time I think about what I should be doing, it's midnight, or time for a scheduled event. Then I feel lazy or like a slacker. I guess that is the stressful part. Having a long list of things to do, places to go, people to call - and then blanking on them. It didn't used to be like this. Maybe I'm getting old mature.

Anyhoo, I guess this post came about as I was thinking about my prescribed "me" time that the Super Doc insists that I do. These are the times when I feel lazy or like a slacker. I'm smart enough to know that I need this time and that I deserve this time, but for some reason it doesn't sit well with me. "Me" time ends up being things like: Take a Shower; Read the last Autism Book I haven't Finished Reading; Google for Insight; Multi-tasking Painting my Fingernails with Checking Voicemail (I get like 20 a day it seems like); and of course Eating.

"Doesn't Count," says the Super Doc.

But honestly, I don't know what to do. Maybe someone can make a suggestion of something fun and entertaining or relaxing that I can do for just me (without family) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg and doesn't have the words autism/aspergers or sales/marketing associated with it. Does something like that even exist?

Yeah. It's called sleep.

5 Responses to "Busy Prepositions"

David (visit their site)

Like a butterfly, or a like bee
Like an ant, as busy as can be
These little words we call the "busy P's"

Had to do that because I actually GOT the title of the post!

Go to a movie, watch some TV, get a hobby like collecting stamps(or coke reward points).
Take a class like yoga or pilates. Start swimming or go to a gym.
Whatever it is that you do, do it at least on the opposite side of the room from your cell/pc/lappy, and don't get any closer till your "me" time is done.

I love Ya!
~David (not so busy-)P

Maddy (visit their site)

I don't know either. But let me know when you find out, not that there will be much of an opportunity over the next few days methinks!

Jen P (visit their site)

I'm impressed. I had meant to refer back to the title but forgot. I am still singing it! Thanks for the ideas. I think what makes it hard is that I like to be around people.

We actually don't have family coming in for Thanksgiving so technically we really don't have to cook a turkey. =o) Black Friday doesn't sound very relaxing though.

tulipmom (visit their site)

Definitely skip the turkey!:) ANYTHING but turkey ...

Have fun at the Festival of Trees.

Oh, and when you discover the solution for your "me time" please do share.

Jen P (visit their site)

see my response to your last comment about the birds. I'll post pix of the trees. It is pretty neato. We've only been once. We got free tickets this year. Score! (We've been scoring a lot of free tickets lately huh?)

Oh and the me time? Klipfolio! Have fun over the weekend with your very own me time! hahahaha. (Seriously, it was way relaxing)