Could I actually be normal?

Monday....I exercised. Spontaneously. I took the Younger in the stroller and went around the neighborhood for a mile, which isn't much but our subdivision is extremely hilly. I was gonna go for another mile since I was warmed up but made the mistake of passing th house and the Younger kept yelling, "back home, back home." Don't think I could handle a tantrum for a whole mile. So we came inside and I did some lunges and stretches. I really felt like I had been productive.

Then today, I hung out at the Shoney's that we have our networking meeting and did some work (I love those internet cards!). Some very productive work, yet still came home in time to get the Elder off the bus. I went through his backpack and he had a big red circle around all of the "Great" marks (that is the highest mark)! WOW...

Eric has also been eating. Eating without whining. And finishing everything on his plate. I do think we are seeing the effect of taking Casein out of his diet. He is pooping a lot more often. Like every other day instead of every other week (exaggeration). Could this all be related?

This is a strange feeling. Seems vaguely familiar and slightly uncomfortable. Could it be......normality? I'm not sure if I can handle getting all excited about that yet, but I'll revel for now. I think I might even deserve a nap...

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Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

Funny that you and Niksmom both mention a recent decision to revel in a positive, Jen. Enjoy! So glad I finally stopped by. K.

Sustenance Scout (visit their site)

p.s. Also wanted to tell you I've just posted a wrap-up of my survey which includes quotes from you and a link to your blog. Thanks again! K.