The NEW Paint

The Hub and I downloaded the Sketchup to our respective computers that night I discovered it (the name cracks me up. I keep thinking "you want Smustard and Sketchup on that?"...I digress) and we were both having fun playing around with it. It is quite advanced for a 4 year old (and 30-somethings as well), but I knew that he would have fun just clicking and making shapes because he loves the Paint program that comes with Windows. He calls this one the NEW Paint.

When he got off the bus, I gave him lunch. It was a much more difficult day yesterday, must have been because I sent a note to his teacher that her strategies were working. (I bet he secretly read that beforehand and decided that he would take care of that!) The day was filled with flying food, disrobing in the kitchen, and peeing on the floor. Sigh. Seems like the moment I let my guard down (even in excitement for him to get to try a new computer program) I get reminded to keep it up. I know, I know. I'm the mom and that is my duty to see things coming before the rage stage, right? I gotta get used to that whole paying attention thing. I just wish it didn't take urine for me to remember that.

Anyhoo, one of his very very best friends was coming to visit (which might have been a source of the episode) and he was so excited. Unfortunately it was going to be another hour before he arrived. I cannot in all fairness make him wait a whole hour. Well I had no choice, but I had a plan!!! Sketchup for dessert!

I told him I wanted to show him something on the computer. He got a little frustrated with the whole 3d perspective concept, but then again he was frustrated with working a mouse the first time he was on the computer (he kept touching the screen like he would on his L-Max). He loved the little man that comes standard when you start a new project. There is a horizon which helps you determine which way is up. He thought it was funny to make the man stand on his head. Anyway, I told him to make sure he saved it because I wanted to see it when he was done.

When I came back later he was playing Nick Jr games. I asked him if he was finished with his "house." "Yes" "Can I see it?" "Shore." (That's an echolalic moment he got from his Speech Therapist back in May! It is so cute to hear him still say it.) So we opened the program back up and I looked at his project. Now when I left him, there were a LOT of "buildings and pipes" because I was showing him what each tool did. Now it just showed one very squiggly line and no man.

"What happened to all the buildings?"
"Because I just like this tool. It works. Just like that. See?"

The tool? The eraser!

2 Responses to "The NEW Paint"

Bonnie (visit their site)

I'm constantly forget to keep my guard up too! :-P

symphony40 (visit their site)

Actually, you CAN get Smustard with that, at, which provides plugins for SketchUp.

Enjoy! :)